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New from Amy's blog, "Politicking the Bottom Line": Which Organizations Are Most Trusted on Capitol Hill?

Some interesting research from David K. Rehr, PhD, CEO of TransparaGov, Inc. and Professor at the Graduate School of Political Management at George Washington University, has revealed what congressional staff really think about the various institutions that lobby them. There’s good news for state and local governments, non-profits and small... Read more:

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Can Underdog Positioning Be Too Much of a Good Thing?

Can our desire to be seen by legislators and the public as underdogs backfire? This question was brought to me during a rollicking, fun, and brain-cell burning session I facilitated recently with a group of veteran government relations professionals...Read more:


New Amyism  - #70: Volunteers

"No matter what you want from your work – a vibrant grassroots program, a big PAC bank account, or victories in the legislature ---- it all comes from other people." 

Amy in the News

What can you learn from President Obama's Ohio Campaign Manager, Aaron Pickrell? Join us at I2M 2013, December 10-12, 2013, to find out. Click here to see our Institute curriculum:

Registration is open September 1st!




Amy in the News
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Top Tips
   - Can Underdog Positioning Be Too
     Much of a Good Thing?
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