About TSG

In 1999, a valuable resource became available to organizations that want to expand their PAC and grassroots influence when Amy Showalter left the highly esteemed Nationwide Civic Action Program to establish The Showalter Group, Inc.

Our clients include major corporations such as International Paper, Pfizer, and Monsanto, and national trade associations such as the National Restaurant Association, the American Bankers Association and the Consumer Healthcare Products Association. Major non-profits that we have collaborated with include the American Heart Association’s Office of Public Advocacy, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, and the United States Green Building Council. State trade associations that have hired The Showalter Group for consulting projects include the California Healthcare Association, the Pennsylvania Banker’s Association, the Ohio Inter-University Council, and numerous state REALTOR® associations.

We believe in client collaboration as we jointly diagnose and then prescribe appropriate interventions, training delivery options, and transfer of skills to the client. Our approaches revolve around research methodologies that help create sustainable PAC, grassroots, and lobbying improvements which serve the organization for the long-term, rather than ad hoc grassroots, PAC and lobbying campaigns.

Our client results indicate that improved grassroots and PAC performance comes from investment in the application of scientific influence principles, standardized administration and management procedures, organizational support structures, and motivated staff and advocates.