No Apologies

I’m worried when I see PAC recruiters open their talk by apologizing for having to ask for PAC contributions. This is one of the weakest ways to start a PAC pitch. It can open the door to some hostile objections because you are subtly communicating that you are not positive about what you are asking your audience to do. If you don’t approach the audience with a positive attitude, they certainly won’t feel good about your message. Rest assured that ...

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Recommended Reading: “How Full is Your Bucket?”

I’m biased. I believe that Gallup produces some of the most solid, unbiased, bleeding edge management research. I also believe that we as government affairs professionals have a responsibility to encourage and motivate our PAC and grassroots members beyond congratulatory emails and plaques.

I’ve espoused (and lived) a philosophy of “catching someone doing something right” via the personal touch, and via personal recognition. I’ve seen it work in the trenches, and always viewed it as a privilege to have the ability ...

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Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez with I2M!

There is no better time to be in New Orleans with Innovate to Motivate®, February 8-11, 2010! The city will be rocking with the excitement of the Saints’ trip to the Super Bowl, and if they win, there is sure to be a big parade – Bourbon Street will never be the same.

We have extended our early bird discount – only $849.00 for PAC, grassroots, science of influence and  professional development curriculum! Register and download a complete conference agenda here: ...

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Common Obstacles to Trust and How to Overcome Them: Part One

We’re going to explore the common obstacles to trust and how to overcome them.

Regular grassroots and PAC underperformance

Success motivates. People want to be on a winning team. When successful grassroots leaders are asked why they volunteer so much of their time to their organization’s cause, they often respond with the following: “I thought we could win,” “I saw our victories and wanted to be on a winning team,” or “I heard the organization has a good reputation.”

If your organization usually ...

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Use the I2M Hashtag to Tweet About Innovate to Motivate® 2010!

Make sure you tweet using the hashtag #i2m2010 when talking about Innovate to Motivate® 2010!

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Steps to Maintain Grassroots Momentum During Downsizing Acquisitions and Mergers

  1. Enlist the organization’s change agents (the survivors!) to your cause.
  2. Become a spin doctor.
  3. Follow up on all rumors and questions. Let nothing go unanswered. Mixed messages are deadly to productive change.
  4. Increase the frequency of communications among your key leaders.
  5. Involve volunteer leaders in developing new processes and procedures as a result of the new structure.
  6. Realize that you will have to increase your training and orientation efforts at this time – the “survivors” can be helpful but distracted, and the new hires won’t ...
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Supreme Court Rules in Citizens United Case

From I2M faculty member Brett Kappel at Arent Fox:

JANUARY 21, 2010 – WASHINGTON, DC – This morning in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, the US Supreme Court overturned the ban on corporate and union independent expenditures in federal elections. This opinion will have a major impact on the 2010 elections. Corporations will now be able to spend their corporate treasury money to advocate the election or defeat of federal candidates.

Nonprofit groups may also be able to benefit ...

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New I2M Survey Results! We Reveal Best Practices of Experienced Grassroots and PAC Professionals

In 2007, we conducted research (“Winning Hearts and Minds 2007”) with hundreds of political involvement professionals to find out their challenges and success patterns. It’s time to find out what has changed since then, and our results from “Winning Hearts and Minds 2009” will be a workstorm at I2M 2010.

This isn’t a just data dump – I will share with you how to immediately apply the findings to your daily job.

We have segmented results among veteran political involvement ...

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Top 8 Reasons to Attend Innovate to Motivate® 2010

1. Recognizing the demands of today’s political involvement professionals, you get PAC, grassroots, the science of influence, and professional development curriculum in one conference – a wise use of your time and money.

2. Next level curriculum that teaches the science of influence and how to apply it to PAC, grassroots and lobbying challenges.

3. Opportunity to meet new people through our evening dine-arounds.

4. We give back. Again, in a pioneering spirit, we conduct an optional volunteer afternoon with the Beacon of ...

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I2M Takes You to the Next Level

Who should attend I2M?

Do you know…

  • The difference between a nice grassroots story and a persuasive grassroots story?
  • Your  four innate strengths and how to leverage them for career acceleration and grassroots and PAC results?
  • What labor unions know about fundraising and grassroots influence that you don’t?
  • How experienced (over 10 years in the profession) political involvement professionals get internal respect and resources for their function? (New research results!)
  • How to be a “type A” person who gets things done without collateral damage to ...
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