I2M Presents Research Findings on the Best (and Worst) Uses of Social Media

As more people use technology each month – from the Internet to mobile phones to both – our habits and expectations change. We start to evolve, and the technology evolves with us. This creates an environment of digital Darwinism: political organizations and associations can either adapt or slowly die off.

Julie Barko Germany, Director of George Washington University’s Institute for Politics, Democracy and the Internet, will be sharing her latest research on how groups are successfully (and unsuccessfully) using social ...

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Learn AND Give Back with I2M!

If you have always wanted to help rebuild New Orleans, or just start the New Year out by giving back, I2M is providing the opportunity!

In innovative fashion, one of the signature events of the annual Innovate to Motivate conference is an opportunity to help rebuild New Orleans through an optional volunteer service afternoon with the Beacon of Hope project. This event is being sponsored by our friends and Platinum Sponsors at Executive Communications:

Thanks to Liz, Lisa, Amy ...

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Nominate Your Organization for the 2010 Showalter Innovation Award!

What have you accomplished that is taking your PAC or grassroots program to the next level? We want to hear about it!

What do International Paper, The American Heart Association, Southwest Airlines, Pfizer, Westfield Insurance, The National Association of Children’s Hospitals and Solvay Pharmaceuticals have in common? They are just a few of the organizations whose political involvement programs have been honored for their innovations via The Showalter Group’s Political Involvement Program Innovation Award©.

Now in its tenth year, The Showalter Group’s ...

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The Credibility of the Political Involvement Profession

In the world of government relations, it used to be that the lobbying profession took the hits and rhetorical layups from the media and the public. Oh, for the “good old days” of Jack Abramoff, right? Now there is more scrutiny on grassroots and PAC professionals.

Well, we’ve heard your concerns and will be devoting a highly interactive workstorm to this topic at I2M 2010.

I asked two of our panelists, Dr. Kelton Rhoads and Liz Welsh, President of Executive ...

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Want to Innovate? First, You Have to Know Your Strengths

As a leader in next-level political involvement skill development, the Innovate to Motivate® Conference is known for investing in expert faculty to connect you to nationally-known thought leaders.

Another one of our expert faculty members is Candace Fitzpatrick, President of Core Clarity, Inc. You can read more about her here:

As many of you know, I believe that to improve your government relations performance, you have to work from your strengths, rather than focusing on shoring up weaknesses. This applies ...

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Learn How to Prevent and Diffuse Stakeholder Hostility at I2M 2010

Are your PAC members and/or grassroots stakeholders hostile to your organization due to your position on health care reform, cap and trade legislation, the stimulus package, or other state or national legislative issues? If so, join the club.

Rather than wringing our hands over it, as a provider of next level curriculum, we will explore the psychology behind stakeholder hostility and how to incorporate the science of influence to combat and diffuse it.

Dr. Brad Sagarin of Northern Illinois University will help ...

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Getting Things Done Without Ticking Others Off

The Innovate to Motivate® Conference prides itself on investing in expert faculty to connect you to nationally-known thought leaders. One of our outside experts is Kay Cannon, the “Leadership Whisperer.” Kay is an award winning executive coach who helps “Type A” people get things done without collateral damage. You can read more about Kay’s story here:

She will be delivering our keynote address as well as a breakout session at our 2010 conference. I asked Kay ...

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Influence is Not An Art: Learn How to Tell a Better Grassroots Story

Innovate to Motivate® is the first conference of its kind to integrate the science of influence into our PAC and grassroots curriculum. We’re gratified that others are copying us, but we were the first, and are always raising the bar. We believe that influence is a science, not an art, and thus, anyone can learn the principles of influence and become more persuasive. (When it’s referred to it as an “art” that infers that you have to have some kind ...

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Innovation Award

Recognition for Your Creative Work!

The Original!

The Showalter Group’s Annual

Political Involvement Program Innovation Award©

For Accomplishments in PAC, Grassroots and Technology

Nomination Information

What are you doing that’s new, innovative, unique or simply successful?  Now in its tenth year, this awards program remains the nation’s longest-running and most comprehensive assessment of political involvement program innovations. ...

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Tips from Innovate to Motivate®

Greetings Innovators,

I2M 2010 PAC faculty member, Brett Kappel of Arent Fox ( | wanted you to be aware of the latest insights on the Citizens United case. According to Brett: “Linda Greenhouse was the Supreme Court reporter for the New York Times for thirty years until retiring last year. No journalist knows the Court better.”

The Supreme Court justices left this week for a month long recess without accomplishing the one thing that nearly everyone assumed they ...

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