Get Fresh Insights on Your PAC and Grassroots Challenges at the I2M Town Hall

Do you want instant feedback on your PAC and grassroots program challenges? Then join us at Innovate to Motivate’s® D.C. Town Halls on June 30.

Innovate to Motivate® (I2M) is an annual conference for veteran political involvement professionals. They challenge themselves through a rigorous conference curriculum of PAC and grassroots productivity topics, the science of influence as it relates to PAC and grassroots, and professional development content.   A hallmark of the annual I2M conferences is information sharing ...

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Failure to Customize PAC Messages

Believing that what motivates a particular organizations’ PAC eligibles to join the PAC will motivate our organization has always intrigued me, and not in a positive way. Be wary of any generic “Motivating PAC Messages” workshops or consulting packages. Context is paramount in any successful influence campaign. The motivation depends on the environment, the organizational climate, the political climate, and with some PAC audiences, whether they are having a bad hair day or a bad horoscope.

“This is the number-one influence ...

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How to Prevent Burnout of Your Most Valuable Advocates

If you have a non–stop stream of enthusiastic grassroots advocates who are willing to repeatedly contact lawmakers when you ask, read no further. If you have advocates who consistently leverage their personal legislator relationships for your cause, read no further.

If you don’t, there’s research that reveals what you need to do to keep them interested and motivated. (and it has nothing to do with plaques and awards) The surprising results are based on The Showalter Group’s proprietary research with hundreds ...

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The Top 6 Influence Lessons

My colleague, Dr. Kelton Rhodes and I inaugurated our list of “Influence Lessons.” They are influence tactics and /or campaigns that caught our attention and our brief insights on each.

Stealth is Better

We were intrigued that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce announced their campaign to promote free enterprise. While a laudable goal, it’s never great to announce what you’re doing because it gives your opponents time to ramp up very quickly.

As Kelton observed: “Usually ...

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We’ve Been Thinking…

…about the grassroots ethics discussion among public affairs professionals. We had a lively discussion on this topic at Innovate to Motivate led by Dr. Kelton Rhoads, I2M sponsor Liz Welsh of Executive Communications, and me.

Here’s our take on the draft of ethics as created by Stephanie Vance, Anne Darconte, Les Francis, Chris Arterton (GWU Graduate School of Political Management), Tim Hysom (Congressional ...

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Banish These Words

I always instruct my presentation skills clients to do their best to avoid common clichés and phrases. The goal is to be unique, and when we spew common clichés, we become forgettable. We need to be original to be heard. To that end, one of my favorite web sites is the annual list of banished words published by Lake Superior State University.  Anyone can recommend a word for banishment (is that a word?!), and ...
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The Checklist for Your Next Grassroots and/or PAC Change Initiative

Anytime we are attempting to increase grassroots involvement or PAC participation, we need to be (if you are doing it correctly) aware of change management principles. Although we think of change management as gargantuan programs promoted by senior management, new PAC and grassroots initiatives also fall into this category.

Resistance is a natural phenomenon, so we must stop asking ourselves,” Why don’t they get it?”, and start doing the things that will help them “get it.”

The main issue is not the ...

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Increasing Internal Government Affairs Visibility Through the (can you believe it?) HR Department

Many corporate government affairs staff covet the opportunity to meet with new employees during routine “new employee orientation.” We often believe if we can simply ...

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Research Results! The Bottom Line Value of Corporate Lobbying

PAC Fundraising in Tough Economic Times

All breeds of fundraisers, specifically PAC fundraisers, are facing challenges, ostensibly due to current economic conditions. We say “ostensibly” because the economy represents another timely, convenient objection to PAC contributions. We aren’t sure that “the economy” is a true objection, or just another convenient excuse not to contribute. Nevertheless, it got us thinking about how to address the challenge.

However, we are going to take a step back from ...

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From Resistance to Resources: How to Gain Internal Support, Status and Money for Your Grassroots and PAC Programs: Part Four

Emphasis on Results Rather than Activity

One of my Fortune 100 corporate clients wanted to expand their broad-based and key contact grassroots network. However, rather than taking a numerical approach to measuring their success, they were more concerned about finding the right employees with the right legislator relationships.

They did not care if an employee was best friends with the chairman of the Agriculture Committee. They wanted people with contacts on the Ways and Means and Appropriations Committees, and that is where ...

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