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The Engagement Edge – Symptoms of PAC Depression & Amy’s Advocacy Trigger Warning

Hi Everyone, this is Amy with the Engagement Edge. Today I’m going to share with you how to tell if your PAC is depressed, as well as an observation regarding your advocacy priorities based on a webinar I attended a few weeks ago. Oh, and there’s a “trigger warning” for the advocacy portion of this episode.

Is Your PAC Depressed?

So, let’s get right to the PAC playground.  I think it’s common to believe that when we encounter a ...

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Amy and Kelton’s Exiled Words and Phrases of 2017

As my mentor and best-selling leadership author John Maxwell reminds us, “It doesn’t take a lot more to be interesting. But it does take more.”

Using the same language shows that you are on autopilot and not concerned with earning your audience’s attention. In our never-ending quest to be more interesting writers, speakers and leaders, it’s time to release the grip of jejune words ...

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Carpe Colloquium! The Best and Worst Trends in Social Media

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There are a lot of grassroots advocacy social media trends, and many of them won’t help you reach your grassroots persuasion goals. As you plan your 2014 outreach, you should be aware of the social media trends – the good and the bad. I had the opportunity to engage Alan Rosenblatt (@DrDigiPol / to teach at my annual Innovate to Motivate Conference. I don’t get to attend every ...

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