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Twitter Ties and the Implications for Grassroots Professionals

At my recent Innovate to Motivate Conference, I asked each participant to share their top goal for 2012. A clear majority of the grassroots professionals in attendance stated that they want to “build or increase the size of their grassroots network.” While there are many options for doing so, one popular way is through social networks. Read the full blog at K Street Cafe.

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How to Prevent Burnout of Your Most Valuable Advocates

If you have a non–stop stream of enthusiastic grassroots advocates who are willing to repeatedly contact lawmakers when you ask, read no further. If you have advocates who consistently leverage their personal legislator relationships for your cause, read no further.

If you don’t, there’s research that reveals what you need to do to keep them interested and motivated. (and it has nothing to do with plaques and awards) The surprising results are based on The Showalter Group’s proprietary research with hundreds ...

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Motivating Grassroots Volunteers

The Good News

There is a lot of time and effort directed at motivating grassroots volunteers. The bad news is that much of it is directed in the wrong place.

What is lacking in most organizations, most markedly in the corporate grassroots programs, are grassroots managers with the motivation and team leadership skills who can motivate your members or employees to become raging grassroots thunder activists. Like it or not, just as a CEO or department Vice President imbues a type of ...

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13 Things You Should Be Doing Now For Grassroots Mobilization Success

In this video, I’m sharing 13 things you need to be doing now for grassroots mobilization success.

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Common Obstacles to Trust and How to Overcome Them: Part Three

We’re going to explore more common obstacles to trust and how to overcome them.

Negative communication

If we are truly grassroots professionals, we should embrace bottom up communication. Many times our messages only ask members to do something for us, or tell them what they should not be doing, saying, thinking, and so forth. It is important to be a carrier of good news. It affects how we are seen in the organization and how much time our advocates will give us ...

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Innovate to Motivate® Success Survey: Grassroots Quality and Strategic Planning

How do grassroots professionals define “quality”? Where do they find quality advocates? How do they rate their network’s ‘quality quotient?’

For the answers to these burning questions, read on.

Grassroots Quality Quotient

Because Innovate to Motivate® conference community members are experienced, they know that there is more to grassroots than names in a database. Technology has leveled the playing field, and the differentiating factor in a winning grassroots program is one characterized by committed, strategically positioned volunteers. I know a quality volunteer ...

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Common Obstacles to Trust and How to Overcome Them: Part Two

We’re going to explore more common obstacles to trust and how to overcome them.

Direction changes

The insidious impact of direction changes is why it is so important to foster a grassroots and PAC community within an organization. Campaigns definitely have their purpose, but they can reduce motivation in the long term unless community is created from them.

Our advocates will tolerate change, but not ambiguity. I’m thrilled to hear about organizations that are revitalizing their grassroots and PAC communities. However, the fact ...

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How to Get Your Advocates Off Their Computers and On the Streets: Part Two

This is a follow-up post (see part one here) giving you a basic checklist of what you’ll need to do to get more of your advocates off the computer and in front of their legislators and community groups.

  1. When you have determined the path, create the infrastructure. Without this, it’s like trying to build a plane while you are flying it. Resources should include training, team structure, defined team member roles, team resources, team communications, reporting structures, events, rewards and ...
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The Top 12 Things To Do Now for Grassroots Success

Here is the “Top 12” list on what you should be doing now to reduce your stress, improve efficiency, and have better results with your grassroots activations.

  1. Mind the patterns. Which legislative districts are most responsive? Do you know why? Review all e-mail open rates, click throughs, forwards, and page visits. You probably do this after each grassroots mobilization campaign, but look at the broader pattern and build on what’s working. Review all of your metrics.
  2. Talk to your TBs (true believers). ...
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Credibility Webinar: Don’t Leave Home Without It

Many experts believe that credibility is the keystone concept in influence… that without credibility, there is no influence. Others believe that credibility is a dynamic concept that waxes and wanes, and that “credibility management” is more important than credibility itself.

Credibility is a moving target, so it needs to be managed.

Join The Showalter Group for a webinar to learn how to manage YOUR credibility.

Here are the details:
Friday, October 15, 2010
12:00-1:00 p.m. EST

In this webinar, you will learn:

* The fundamental ...

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