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Amy in the News

I made some predictions in a February 2009 Politico article
on the sustainability of the Organizing for America movement. That led to an interview with  In These Times magazine about my additional thoughts on the enthusiasm gap among Democratic voters in the 2010 election.
Bottom line? The new (first time voters) 2008 Obama voters want immediate gratification, and that’s not reality:
And now, the college students are admitting it:

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The FEC and Social Media – Trend Analysis from I2M Faculty Member Brett Kappel

We’ve had some community members ask about trends and/or guidelines for using Twitter and other social media tools to communicate about your PAC. According to I2M faculty member Brett Kappel, “The Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United should have an impact on your ability to communicate with your members via Twitter soon. The FEC is revisiting its rules regarding communications by corporations regarding candidates in light of Citizens United, but they haven’t started that rulemaking yet. In my ...

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Yahoo: “Despite Enormous Popularity, Old Spice Guy Not Helping Sales”

The Old Spice ads make me laugh. They generate buzz. But it’s always about the results! Good to remember for your next PAC or grassroots campaign. Who is your target audience? Are you speaking their language?

Here’s the Yahoo story.

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How Do the Top Interest Groups Use Social Media for Government Relations?

Here’s a new study on social media use by top lobbying groups.

The study found that the vast majority of leading U.S. political advocacy groups are using at least one social media platform to connect and organize stakeholders.

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Workshop on Developing Persuasive Messages

Please join me and the American League of Lobbyists on July 21 in Washington, D.C., for a workshop on developing persuasive messages that get your internal and external audiences on your side.

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Free Assessments

We have a few free assessments on our web site to help you determine whether you have a Political Involvement Culture (PIC) and a Persuasive PAC. Since I’m always leaning forward in my seat taking notes, I have revised the Persuasive PAC assessment. You can take it here.

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ASAE’s Annual Government Relations School

I will be reporting from ASAE’s annual Government Relations School a couple days this week. It will be nice to re-connect with friends and colleagues. I’m leading a PAC workshop, and also facilitating a workshop on how to prioritize your legislative issues. As usual, I’ll be sharing tips all week, so stay tuned! And, if there are any questions you want answered on either topic, let me know and I’ll pose it to my class.

The Twitter hashtag is #GRSchool.



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Pretending to Be Someone You’re Not

The Wall Street Journal featured an article entitled “Rival Chains Secretly Fund Opposition to Wal-Mart”.

It’s a great example of how “black psyop” has come to corporate America, via the typical activists. Now here is an ethically wrong issue: pretending you’re one source when you’re another. It has caused psyop all kinds of problems. Dr. Rhoads predicts it will cause Safeway problems. Pretending to be someone you’re not is never ethical. I think we all can agree on that.

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Do Facebook Sit-Ins Work?

Thanks to Meaghan Killion Joyce for forwarding an interesting piece on about the use of Facebook sit-ins.

It supports my reminder that abundance dilutes impact.

Clay Shirky, author of “Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations,” said the following in the article about social media sites as a way to put pressure on lawmakers: “It may be effective in the short term, but it will not be effective in the long term. This is the classic ...

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