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The Top 9 Things Your PAC Prospects Don’t Want to Hear

Based on my experience in delivering actual PAC fundraising appeals, as well as interviewing corporate employees and association members, here is my list of the top 9 most uninfluential and uninspiring ways to make your PAC pitch. These apply to oral, written, and web content communications.

Keep it nearby when you are preparing your remarks for your next PAC membership drive, because you can, safely and without the supervision of a trained professional, try these techniques on your own.

1. “You need ...

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Why have a PAC?

This is why…

Innovate to Motivate faculty member Brett Kappel weighs in on new research from Vanderbilt University:

The research finds that corporations gain clear financial benefits when individual employees make political donations.

What they describe in a new research paper is strong evidence that individuals who make political donations – whether at the behest of companies or not – directly benefit businesses in their communities.

“The reason we looked at individual contributions is because it accounts for about two-thirds of all ...

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Grassroots and PAC Influence Lessons Learned in 2010

What did you learn in 2010? Watch the video below for insights Amy gained in the last year!

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Common Obstacles to Trust and How to Overcome Them: Part Three

We’re going to explore more common obstacles to trust and how to overcome them.

Negative communication

If we are truly grassroots professionals, we should embrace bottom up communication. Many times our messages only ask members to do something for us, or tell them what they should not be doing, saying, thinking, and so forth. It is important to be a carrier of good news. It affects how we are seen in the organization and how much time our advocates will give us ...

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Common Obstacles to Trust and How to Overcome Them: Part Two

We’re going to explore more common obstacles to trust and how to overcome them.

Direction changes

The insidious impact of direction changes is why it is so important to foster a grassroots and PAC community within an organization. Campaigns definitely have their purpose, but they can reduce motivation in the long term unless community is created from them.

Our advocates will tolerate change, but not ambiguity. I’m thrilled to hear about organizations that are revitalizing their grassroots and PAC communities. However, the fact ...

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The Bailout and Persuasion Tactics

I’ve read with interest some blog postings and news accounts of the votes by the U.S. House of Representatives on the 2008 $700 billion Wall Street rescue plan. Some were straight news accounts, other heralded that the vote results were directly correlated to citizen grassroots input and nothing else. As one who promotes the grassroots persuasion “lifestyle,” you’d think I’d be doing a victory dance at these “insights.” Au contraire, it reminded me how attributing influence success to one tactic ...

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Yahoo: “Despite Enormous Popularity, Old Spice Guy Not Helping Sales”

The Old Spice ads make me laugh. They generate buzz. But it’s always about the results! Good to remember for your next PAC or grassroots campaign. Who is your target audience? Are you speaking their language?

Here’s the Yahoo story.

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The Three Approaches to Preparing for Objections

Effectively handling objections is largely based on what we do before, rather than in, the moment the objection surfaces. Government relations professionals tend to fall into one of three groups along a dimension of increasing sophistication.

One way some prepare is to self-reference, rather than contemplate the perspective of our PAC prospects. Unsophisticated influencers do not reflect on the influence situation at all. They would rather do rather than investigate. They like to have a short list of PAC tactics handy ...

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Assessment: Do You Have a Persuasive PAC?

Do you have a persuasive PAC? Find out by taking our assessment.

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No Apologies

I’m worried when I see PAC recruiters open their talk by apologizing for having to ask for PAC contributions. This is one of the weakest ways to start a PAC pitch. It can open the door to some hostile objections because you are subtly communicating that you are not positive about what you are asking your audience to do. If you don’t approach the audience with a positive attitude, they certainly won’t feel good about your message. Rest assured that ...

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