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Originality and Your Brand

Amyism #37
The Grassroots/PAC Brand: “Just like any company is known by the quality of its customers, so too is a government relations department known by the quality of its grassroots or PAC customers. Potential PAC and grassroots members are attracted to reliable, successful brands. If you aren’t happy with the quality of your customers, you need to alter your brand.”

I came up with that Amyism years ago. About five years ago, in fact, and it still rings ...

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The Checklist for Your Next Grassroots and/or PAC Change Initiative

Anytime we are attempting to increase grassroots involvement or PAC participation, we need to be (if you are doing it correctly) aware of change management principles. Although we think of change management as gargantuan programs promoted by senior management, new PAC and grassroots initiatives also fall into this category.

Resistance is a natural phenomenon, so we must stop asking ourselves, “Why don’t they get it?”, and start doing the things that will help them “get it.”

The main issue is not the ...

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How To Get Members To Stay On Message

Let’s talk about how to get members to stay on message when giving legislative testimony or meeting with the media.

There is a lengthy answer to this that I shall try to distill into three main reasons:

  1. The volunteer has no understanding of the consequences of their behavior. Even worse, the staff can’t articulate this to them!
  2. There is no constructive critique that is shared with the volunteer and other volunteer leaders. When I ask staff “Well, what did you tell the volunteer ...
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The Top 11 Things Your PAC and Grassroots Prospects Don’t Want to Hear

1. “You need to give to the PAC because campaigns are expensive.”

2. “We will communicate with you when we need you to contact your legislators.”

3. “Out lobbyist needs PAC money to do his/her job.”

4. “Email is the best way to communicate with legislators.”

5. “PAC money gives us access.”

6. “The CEO wants everyone to join the PAC.”

7. “We don’t know what issues we’ll be following, so we can’t give you advance notice of our Action Alerts.”

8. “Everybody hates politics, but we ...

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Rewards and Recognition for PAC and Grassroots Members: Part Two

The No-Cost Motivator – Helping Them Become More of Who They Are

Dr. Rhoads once helped conduct an experiment where experimenters asked students to perform a handwriting exercise. When the researchers asked the students to perform the exercise, they attempted to motivate the students in two different ways. One was to promise a reward that would follow the students’ performance: “If you do this handwriting exercise, you will get to choose any one of these rewards after you’re done!” The second ...

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Rewards and Recognition for PAC and Grassroots Members: Part One

Providing significant rewards and recognition have been a constant mantra of government relations professionals who want to increase participation in their PAC and grassroots programs. In fact, the program I led for nine years, the Nationwide Insurance Civic Action Program, was a leader in establishing systematic informal and formal recognition programs which were duly copied by corporations across the country. I have always been a stalwart advocate of rewards and recognition.

Rewards accomplish several positive things for your PAC ...

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Prime Fib #1: Access to the Senior Leaders of the Company

“Employees who serve on the PAC Board will have constant access to the senior leaders of the company.”

Obviously, the person who said this has never served on a PAC Board, had to recruit PAC members or manage a PAC. Those of us who have served in one of these capacities know that nothing provides constant access to your senior company leaders.

This Prime Fib disturbs us because people who took this advice are surely de-motivated after the “constant access” never materialized. ...

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How Your Audience Uses Media Can Impact Decisions about Grassroots and PAC Participation

I have found some outside research that should be of interest to anyone who needs to get the attention of their audience. Some of you may find yourself in this group.

Ketchum, a global PR company, conducted research with USC’s Annenberg Strategic Public Relations Center regarding how consumers use media. Their findings have immediate applications to those of us in the government relations profession, which you will see in my commentary after I outline a couple of the findings.

TSG has been ...

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Assessment: Do You Have a Persuasive PAC?

Do you have a persuasive PAC? Find out by taking our assessment.

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Why People Don’t Give To PACs

In this video, I’m telling you why people do and do not give to your political action committees.

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