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Common Obstacles to Trust and How to Overcome Them: Part One

We’re going to explore the common obstacles to trust and how to overcome them.

Regular grassroots and PAC underperformance

Success motivates. People want to be on a winning team. When successful grassroots leaders are asked why they volunteer so much of their time to their organization’s cause, they often respond with the following: “I thought we could win,” “I saw our victories and wanted to be on a winning team,” or “I heard the organization has a good reputation.”

If your organization usually ...

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Upcoming Supreme Court Decision: More Corporate Freedom of Speech?

Straight from our I2M 201O faculty member, Brett Kappell of Arent Fox, his take on the upcoming Citizens United case before the Supreme Court and what it may mean for corporate political decisions.

The Citizens United decision, assuming it ever comes down, could indeed have a profound impact on corporate government relations program. If the Supreme Court were to overturn Austin, both corporations and unions would be able to use money in their general treasury funds ...

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PAC Reporting

Greetings Innovators,

According to our Innovate to Motivate® faculty member, Brett Kappel of Arent Fox, when a corporate PAC has the corporation’s accounting department – rather than PAC professionals – handle the PAC’s FEC reporting duties, the result isn’t pretty. See here:

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