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Registration Now Open!

Registration Now Open!

Every presentation is your leadership audition.

“It’s What You Say and How You Say It: Persuasive Platform Skills for Government Affairs Staff”

September 15, 2016 – 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
Washington, D.C.
Click to register.

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From Tension to Trust: Building Relationships Across the Aisle, Part I

Perhaps you have enjoyed good relationships with legislators, volunteers, and colleagues for many years — but those legislators aren’t in power anymore. Your most reliable volunteers are burned out. Your cooperative colleagues in other departments who you relied on to help with your government relations projects have moved on. Now what are you going to do? You know that successful influence requires relationships that are built on credibility. And a key element of credibility is trust. But there are nuances ...

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The April ROS Newsletter is Out!

Check out the lastest issue of the Roots of Success Newsletter:

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The Upside of Under: What Big Organizations Can Learn from Their Smaller Brethren

I read with interest a recent study which showed that 90% of Americans have a good opinion of small business, and only 60% of them have the same warm feelings toward big business.  As someone who has spent my professional life helping large for-profit (and non-profit) organizations maximize their influence potential in the legislative arena, this is not news. It’s pretty much an article of faith that helping “the little guy,” in this case small businesses, makes us feel better ...

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Herman Cain and the Underdog Edge

I’ve been doing lots of radio interviews about the Occupy Wall Street gang and what they do and don’t do well relative to upward influence. Invariably the discussion turns to presidential candidates and Herman Cain’s rise and subsequent wavering popularity, because we all viewed him as a credible underdog. (In contrast to Hillary Clinton, who claimed that mantle in the 2008 race. Sorry, but no one believed that.) His story is a vivid example of how one can use the ...

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Does Fear Influence or Immobilize?

Within the past 25 years, the Library of Congress has recorded over 1,000 books with Armageddon or apocalypse in the title. Certainly many industries and causes gain adherence via fear. But what does the research say about fear as a motivator, and how does it impact how grassroots and PAC professionals engage their volunteers?

I was hired to conduct a training workshop at a national trade association conference where the audience was comprised of their state chapter government relations directors and ...

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The Best (and Worst) Behaviors

I’m citing very specific behaviors that encouraged and energized me in 2010, as well as a couple on the dark side that should be avoided as career-limiting moves.

On the bright side. . . . . .

Show You Know

For several years, I have heard political involvement professionals lament the lack of understanding among their executives about the need for quality vs. quantity in grassroots participation. Rather than ringing your hands about it, get out there and call the game. ...

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From Resistance to Resources: How to Gain Internal Support, Status and Money for Your Grassroots and PAC Programs: Part Three

Why do some government affairs departments, specifically grassroots and PAC operations, consistently get increased budget funding and staff resources while others struggle to justify their existence? We track our client’s results, and what we found was startling.

After the conclusion of our collaborations, over 85 percent of our consulting clients have experienced long-term funding increases, increased staff resources, and enhanced internal status for the grassroots program and/or PAC. We refer to them as our “85% Club.” So, in hot pursuit of ...

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Trust – The Ultimate Grassroots and PAC Motivator: Part 1

Motivation is the number one topic of concern to most grassroots and PAC leaders. Just the mention of how to solve the “M” dilemma guarantees rapt attention. My observation is that many government affairs professionals are shopping for lightening bolts when it comes to motivational strategies; however, it’s combination of strategies and tactics that motivate within the context of your organization. What motivates at one association or corporation may not garner attention at another.

Nevertheless, trust, both structural and personal, is ...

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Best Practices for Results-Driven Grassroots Advocacy

Best Practices for Results-Driven Grassroots Advocacy

Amy Showalter reveals proven tactics of top-performing lobbying groups
February 22, 2011 · 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM EST

With people on every level concerned about government and policy, now is the time to maximize and strengthen your grassroots efforts.

Register now for Influencing the Influential: Best Practices for Results-Driven Grassroots Advocacy

In this 90-minute audio conference, Amy Showalter – an expert on grassroots and PACs- reveals what makes the difference today ...

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