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The Top Underdog Persuaders of 2012

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People with Little Name Recognition Can Yield Great Influence

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Amy’s Article Is Published in Today’s Insurance Professionals

Amy’s article, Not All Team Members Are Equal: Why You Need Connected Converts to Win Over Others, has been published in Today’s Insurance Professionals.

Review it here (scroll to page 51)…

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The Underdog Edge Gets Reviewed by Shel Horowitz

Shel Horowitz’ Clean & Green Club listed The Underdog Edge as a recommended read in their newsletter.

Read the full review here…

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You Can Change the Minds of the Powerful

Can ordinary people make a difference? Yes, says author Amy Showalter, who offers tips on how to be a persuasive underdog in “The Underdog Edge: How Ordinary People Change the Minds of the Powerful. . . and Live to Tell About It”…

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Tales from the Front Lines – How Your Appearance Affects Your Upward Influence Success

As I talk to more readers of The Underdog Edge, it’s fun to hear their stories and applications of Underdog Edge influence moments—-real-world experiences that illustrate the seven extreme influence strategies and over 50 tactics for upward influence success.  I’ll be sharing them in this blog as they occur.

As I wrote in Underdog Edge, the top dogs whose minds were changed by someone “down” the food chain made a common observation—that one’s appearance matters, and that ...

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Politics in the Workplace is Good for Business

Just in case you are having “issues” with some who think grassroots programs and PAC’s don’t belong in the workplace, here is my take on it published on CNBC’s web site:

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Underdog Watch: Rhode Island State Treasurer Gina Raimondo

I was gratified to see The Wall Street Journal run an opinion piece on Gina Raimondo, Rhode Island State Treasurer, for her work overhauling the state’s pension system.

I picked her as one of my “Top Underdog Persuaders of 2011”, which is featured on Fortune Management’s ’s CNN  Money  site:

I know what you are thinking—- she’s the Rhode Island State Treasurer, so she can’t be an underdog.  However, underdog status is contextual; the position and resources ...

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Underdog Edge Book Review

“The Underdog Edge shows you the psychology behind why certain
underdogs are successful in championing their cause, whether it be a
business person, sports figure or politician. Showalter, who has very
impressive credentials in coaching organizations on the principles of
persuasion, breaks down the traits and approaches that are necessary
in order to get through to the “top dogs” as she calls them – in other
words, the people who hold the keys to making the decisions. Many
success stories, citing specific ...

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Occupy Wall Street: Do They Have the Underdog Edge?

The Occupy Wall Street protesters are the latest high-profile example of how underdogs don’t use their positions as effectively as they could.

I give the protesters credit for getting off their computers and on the streets. Research we conducted with hundreds of grassroots professionals found that getting their volunteers into the trenches was their No. 1 challenge.

Read the entire article at my K Street Cafe Blog.

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Single Voice (On Steroids) Sinks Coast Guard Rule

I read a recent article in Roll Call entitled “Single Voice Sinks Coast Guard Rule.” It told the story of Susan Balistrei who  “single- handily” caused the Coast Guard to rescind a regulation relative to life jacket design. The article was also featured in the September 27 edition of the K Street Cafe blog:

The Coast Guard issued a new rule regarding life jacket design without providing for public comment because it “considered this rule to ...

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