What Does Our Biennial GRIP® Research Tell You to Prioritize in 2020?

The Grassroots Influence Pulse (GRIP®) research is a biennial research project that my colleague Dr. Kelton Rhoads and I initiated in 2014 to assess trends in grassroots influence tactics and most important, legislator responses to those influence tactics. In other words, are the tactics effective—-which ones, if any, predict legislative success? Are legislators voting with an organization more than they were two years prior?

Findings for 2020 include:

  • NEW – The specific legislator behaviors that signal a legislator will vote with your organization
  • NEW – How grassroots professionals influence regulators, and the tactic that is very common, yet very ineffective
  • NEW – The 5 tactics that predicted legislative success in 2018-2019
  • NEW – The 6 findings that have remained stable over the last two GRIP studies in predicting legislative success, as well as what is still not associated with increased success
  • NEW – How grassroots professionals who report having “more legislative success” think differently from their less successful counterparts
  • The tactics that are not associated with legislative results
  • Trends in specific legislator behaviors (there is good and bad news)
  • The effect of research and training on your legislator relationships (yes, it matters)
  • How advocacy professionals define grassroots success

If you’d like a copy of the report slide deck, please request it here: