Get Fresh Insights on Your PAC and Grassroots Challenges at the I2M Town Hall

Do you want instant feedback on your PAC and grassroots program challenges? Then join us at Innovate to Motivate’s® D.C. Town Halls on June 30.

Innovate to Motivate® (I2M) is an annual conference for veteran political involvement professionals. They challenge themselves through a rigorous conference curriculum of PAC and grassroots productivity topics, the science of influence as it relates to PAC and grassroots, and professional development content.   A hallmark of the annual I2M conferences is information sharing among the nation’s most experienced PAC and grassroots professionals thought our Grassroots and PAC Town Halls.

How does a Town Hall work? Why should I attend?

Town Halls are candid discussions and idea sharing among your peers where you set the agenda. Attendance is intentionally limited so that each participant can share their challenge and get on the spot peer feedback and tips. The Town Halls will be facilitated to make sure each participant gets their concerns aired and discussed, although we do spend more time on the most commonly mentioned topics.

Who facilitates the Town Hall?

I2M Co-Founder and Producer, Amy Showalter, will facilitate both Town Halls. I2M faculty member Brett Kappel of Arent Fox will also join us to provide updates on legal developments that impact PAC professionals.

In addition, I2M volunteer leaders will be in attendance, so don’t miss this opportunity to get feedback from some of the most respected and experienced political involvement pro’s in the business!

What will we discuss?

Again, the agenda is up to you, but popular Town Hall discussions include
the following grassroots topics:

• How to gain internal prestige and support for your grassroots  program
• How to avoid the “grassroots success plateau”
• Grassroots message development
• Increasing volunteer commitment
• Innovative grassroots events
• Capitalizing on election results
• How to use (and measure) social media tools
• Appropriate program success metrics
• How to reach diverse audiences
• Recruitment tactics
• Retaining your best grassroots influencers
• Motivational strategies
• Events to promote grassroots awareness and involvement
• Recognition tactics

Typical PAC topics include:

• Securing the highest levels of senior management and leadership PAC participation
• Maximizing participation among all other eligible employees and members
• Moving from an “educational” PAC to a persuasive PAC
• What you can and can’t do with PACs in the social media sphere
• Selecting the best PAC messengers with the most powerful recruitment messages
• Examining the breadth of solicitation techniques … what works, when they work and  and where they work
• Implementing multiple fundraising techniques in the same campaign
• Successfully expanding your eligible class of employees and members
• Elements of a full-scale peer-to-peer campaign
• Maintaining your PAC’s longevity
• Selecting the optimal fundraising timing and techniques
• Developing sustainable contribution guidelines and incentive clubs
• Recognizing contributors & PAC recruiters
• The latest online PAC fundraising techniques

When and where are the Town Halls?

There will be two Town Halls.  The PAC Town Hall will be held from 9:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m., and the Grassroots Town Hall will be held from 1:30-4:00 p.m.
There is a separate registration fee for each with a discount for attending both Town Halls.

When:   Thursday, June 30, 2011

Where:  Arent  Fox LLP
7th Floor Board Room
1050 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20036-5339

Refreshments will be provided

Register now! Attendance is limited!
Register online here:

Questions? Call I2M at  888-404-6426 or email I2M conference manager Nora
Rubinoff at