Is Your Organization’s Diversity Program Hurting Your PAC Recruitment?

Before you send me flaming e-mails, read on.

I had one of my many “learning moments” recently when working with one of my corporate PAC clients. We were talking prior to the workshop about all the new corporate diversity programs. There was no judgment as to whether they were good or bad; it was just an oral compilation of the various initiatives.

I know that one of the keys to get employees or association members to contribute to a political action committee is to emphasize what you have in common, rather than your differences. But what do diversity programs do? They emphasize differences, which leads to identity politics, which leads to bifurcation of any commonality one might have with one’s co-workers.

Please don’t send me flaming emails that I’m against diversity programs. Nothing could be farther from my north star.  However, I do believe that they very subtly encourage people to stand apart and view themselves as a team of one. For maximum PAC involvement, the angle is very different – it’s about shared values, common interests, and identification as a unified group.

It’s something to consider as you recruit for your PAC. The more your organization focuses on diversity and individuality, the more difficult it may be for you to raise PAC funds. What’s a thoughtful PAC leader to do?

Laser in on common organizational values and unifying themes. Remember that these will vary in importance by business unit and geography. Do your research if you aren’t sure about regional and business unit differences.