Advisory Services

Amy Showalter serves as a trusted advisor to government relations professionals across the nation. She is a sounding board who offers advisory clients a third party confidential, objective view to help them reach their highest priority outcomes while expanding their influence and impact within their organization and externally. Her advice also maximizes the value and recognition of the government relations function. Over 85% of Amy’s long-term clients have achieved an increase in budget, staff and leadership recognition after collaborating with Amy.

Advisory services are ideal for:

  • Newly promoted executives who want to start and stay strong in their roles
  • Professionals who want to uncover and maximize their talents for greater professional results
  • Seasoned executives who want to explore new strategies, escalate their influence, and leave a legacy
  • Individual staff responsible for reinvigorating existing programs or initiating new programs

With over 25 years of experience in the government relations profession, over 50 proprietary research interventions, and insights published in over 500 outlets, Amy understands the challenges faced by government relations professionals and anyone charged with influencing up, around, and outside their organization. Amy’s advisory engagements are as diverse and customized as the individual client. Her advice and counsel can cover a wide spectrum of professional and personal issues such as:

  • Managing “up” – How do I lead my new CEO, my new board of directors, etc.?
  • How can I transform our government relations functions (PAC, grassroots, lobbying, coalitions, etc.) for greater results?
  • How can I improve my presentation delivery and creation?
  • How can I quantify the value of our government relations function?
  • How do I rapidly create a government relations strategy?
  • How do I lead my staff / government relations committees / board of directors with a minimum of conflict?
  • How do I navigate my new role in my organization?
  • How should I organize my workload to become more efficient and effective?
  • How can I optimize our government relations operations?
  • What mistakes should I avoid when launching a new government relations initiative, coalition, etc.?
  • How do I work smarter so that I have time for my true priorities?
  • How do align my values and passions with my work?

Amy shared ideas I had never thought of. “Having been in my position for five years, and having had success in overall fundraising, I was hitting some creativity slumps and looking for new ways to achieve success and sustainability for the PAC, while reinvigorating and propelling it forward. One conversation with Amy was all it took to get me re-energized, re-focused, and incredibly motivated to hit the ground running. She shared ideas that I had never thought of – while providing tangible ways I could put some of my own thoughts into action. Her knowledge of the association and PAC worlds is second to none – and her research and knowledge also helped me identify trends and ways I can engage a new generation of donors. It was such a refreshing conversation. I am grateful I have someone like Amy to challenge and guide me – and who helps me grow professionally and take my work to the next level.”–Brittany Thune Lindberg, Director, CouncilPAC, Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers

Thanks to Amy, I survived the changes and successfully positioned myself. “Anticipating a company merger and a new chain of command, Amy helped create a roadmap to manage the transition and a plan to advance my career. Thanks to Amy, I survived the changes and successfully positioned myself with the new management team. Amy was an extremely beneficial advisor who I will use again.”–N.M., Vice President, Government Affairs, National Trade Association*

Investment Options

As an Advisory Client, you’ll have unlimited access to Amy during regular business hours by phone, Skype, email and face to face when desired. Weekday evening and weekend availability options are also available. For optimal results, Amy recommends a minimum three-month engagement. Reduced fees apply for longer collaborations.

Next Steps

Want to learn more and find out if Amy’s Advisory Client option is for you? Call or email Amy for a free consultation: 513.509.7179 / [email protected] 

*Contact information available upon request