Do you attend a lot of networking events and conferences, but are still professionally stuck? Coaching research has shown that training alone increases productivity by 22%. Training plus coaching increased productivity by 88%. (Public Personnel Management Alavero, Baine & Cobbleman, 1997). Do you have a robust peer network whose members share and offer advice, but are stymied in your ability to launch and maintain new initiatives? Do you have new responsibilities and need a sounding board? How about your internal influence and credibility? Is it increasing in proportion to your tenure? With her motivating mix of candor, encouragement and humor, Amy offers coaching packages in specific disciplines, such as:

  • persuasive presentation skills
  • maximizing your innate talents and gifts
  • career development / transition issues
  • connecting with your team, stakeholders and legislators instead of only communicating with them
  • intentional living — professional and personal
  • leading your staff and members / committees / board of directors

Amy is a certified John Maxwell Team® coach, trainer and facilitator, which gives her access to John Maxwell’s vast leadership development resources that are customized for her coaching clients.

Amy’s highly personalized coaching is different than conference networking with your peers. You just can’t bare your soul in a conference, and while that networking is valuable, the advice is from biased perspectives that don’t match your specific circumstances. Coaching promotes accelerated development because it is personal, candid and objective. While you set your own goals, you are accountable to Amy. She will keep you on track to reach your goals faster!

“You must be a magician because as we talk through this I am getting the answers.”–A.N., PAC Manager, National Trade Association

“Amy is a wealth of information, resources, experience and inspiration, and her recommendations are thoughtful and spot on. I appreciated that she’s collaborative in her coaching approach but even when I tried to push back on certain things that she suggested, I quickly found out that she was right! It has been a true joy to have Amy in my corner to effectively organize my professional experience and skills. I felt like she really was invested in me and my success, and now I am prepared for the next steps in my career. Amy also is a smart, charming, delightful person so time spent with her always is a pleasure.”–K.M., Coaching Client

“Amy was extremely reliable, energetic, focused, and supportive. She never judged, but always offered very specific, objective guidance and advice. This was the first time I worked with a coach on my own (outside of work) and I was not sure what I would get out of it – but the motivation, the gentle “push”, the clarity of perspective … was all really valuable to me.I was able to see myself and my career accomplishments and objectives much more clearly than I was able to do on my own, and to help build my confidence back after I had lost it due to some past office politics.  The coaching relationship was a great outlet to talk through things in a professional, focused manner – much more effective than wearing out my husband / family / or friends!”–L.E., Coaching Client

“Anticipating a company merger and a new chain of command, Amy helped create a road map to manage the transition and a plan to advance my career. Thanks to Amy, I survived the changes and successfully positioned myself with the new management team. Amy was an extremely beneficial coach who I will use again.”–CEO, National Trade Association

“Amy's thorough and thoughtful approach to coaching enabled me to deliver a major presentation with great success and high-impact results. Amy challenged me to highlight key points with proven techniques instead of just saying words. I've never delivered a presentation with so much confidence and credibility. As a result of this presentation, I have unprecedented support for my strategic plan and am working to build a movement within our grassroots program.”–Suzanne Pechilio Polis, National League of Cities, Washington, D.C.

For all coaching packages, you receive:

  • Customized assessment of your strengths and opportunities for improvement;
  • 360° feedback mechanisms if desired;
  • Goals formulation and timeline;
  • Mandatory bi-monthly conference calls to learn new techniques and tips to apply in your daily work;
  • Mandatory weekly check-ins with Amy to ascertain progress toward your goals;
  • Unlimited email access to Amy (All coaching clients receive a response within 24 hours, unless Amy’s travel interrupts email access. Coaching clients are notified in advance of travel schedules that may preclude email response within 24 hours);
  • Confidential help and support toward your goals.

“I credit you, in part, with helping me to be prepared for my new responsibilities. The trainings I have participated in with you, the resources on your web site and just generally being able to observe how you carry yourself in your role, have all influenced me greatly over the past several years. So thank you, and keep up the outstanding work!”–Maureen Cassidy, Vice President, Advocacy, American Heart Association

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