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Starting a Grassroots Employee Network

Memo to corporate and business leaders who want to wield a bigger stick in the political arena: Start a grassroots employee network. Most politically active companies hire lobbyists and make political contributions. But the most effective companies use politically engaged employee networks to supplement that work and bring their corporate activism to the next level.

The first step is educating your workforce about your company’s top legislative priorities. Teach your employees how to lobby their elected officials and create opportunities for ...

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How to Strengthen Your Corporate Grassroots Program’s Weakest Link: The Middle Managers

In the years that I led a corporate grassroots program, I was privileged to have a high degree of senior management endorsement of our efforts. Even so, I was always surprised that this didn’t automatically translate to the company’s middle management. Many legislative issues directly impacted their operations, and there was a vibrant, visible and active group of employees promoting the program in their departments. Rather than being grassroots evangelists, they were the weak link in the grassroots chain.

To prevent ...

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