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The Top 6 Influence Lessons

My colleague, Dr. Kelton Rhodes and I inaugurated our list of “Influence Lessons.” They are influence tactics and /or campaigns that caught our attention and our brief insights on each.

Stealth is Better

We were intrigued that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce announced their campaign to promote free enterprise. While a laudable goal, it’s never great to announce what you’re doing because it gives your opponents time to ramp up very quickly.

As Kelton observed: “Usually ...

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How to Avoid the Tripping Point During Your Advocate Hill and State House Visits: Part Two

Utilizing the Science of Influence – For Advocates and Professional Lobbyists

There are scores of tools in the influence toolbox, and the savvy agent knows how to use the right tool for a particular client and situation. That said, we’ve noticed that there are some tools that work particularly well for political advocacy across a range of situations. Among them are trust building, proximity, metaphor, and narrative.

Trust building is the essential ingredient in credibility, but it’s a skill that’s often overlooked ...

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