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Politics in the Workplace is Good for Business

Just in case you are having “issues” with some who think grassroots programs and PAC’s don’t belong in the workplace, here is my take on it published on CNBC’s web site:

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Twitter Ties and the Implications for Grassroots Professionals

At my recent Innovate to Motivate Conference, I asked each participant to share their top goal for 2012. A clear majority of the grassroots professionals in attendance stated that they want to “build or increase the size of their grassroots network.” While there are many options for doing so, one popular way is through social networks. Read the full blog at K Street Cafe.

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Can Companies Go Too Far When It Comes To Their PAC?

I2M faculty member Brett Kappel of Arent Fox advises his clients to create PAC bylaws that suit the political needs and culture of the company.  However, Brett says a company can go too far in trying to ensure that the PAC is run consistently with the corporate culture. Here’s what he says about Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s PAC “argument”:

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Do Generation Based Grassroots Communication Tactics Matter?

One of the questions that I invariably hear at each and every gathering of government relations professionals is, “How do I reach Generation X? How about Generation Y? How about the Millenials? How about the Boomers?” And on it goes.

Dr. Rhoads and I have always responded that while each generation likes to think that the evolutionary process has made their brains different than those 20 years older than them, evolutionary psychology shows that human psychology has not changed since it’s ...

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What Does it Take to Get Legislative Staff to Remember Your Information? How to Prevent “Senior Moments” Among Legislative Staff

Those of you who have hired us for our grassroots advocacy workshops know about the prevalence and power of heuristic persuasion techniques, as well as how to combat heuristic decision making on the part of legislators and their staff. Kristina Miler (not Miller) of the University of Illinois is one of the first researchers to examine how “political and legislative elites” use heuristics to recall information presented by constituents. All grassroots professionals and lobbyists should be aware of Miler’s findings.

Heuristics ...

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11 Strategy Questions You Have to Answer Before You Build Your Grassroots and PAC Capacity

I am seeing a lot of turn-key tools for grassroots professionals who need to give their grassroots volunteers something to do. I agree that volunteers need to have clear direction on the best activities to build awareness of your issue and your organization before elected officials and opinion leaders. However, doing that in absence of a strategy simply takes us farther along the “activity without results” road.

People tend to make strategy harder than it needs to be. Nevertheless, the reality ...

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Get Fresh Insights on Your PAC and Grassroots Challenges at the I2M Town Hall

Do you want instant feedback on your PAC and grassroots program challenges? Then join us at Innovate to Motivate’s® D.C. Town Halls on June 30.

Innovate to Motivate® (I2M) is an annual conference for veteran political involvement professionals. They challenge themselves through a rigorous conference curriculum of PAC and grassroots productivity topics, the science of influence as it relates to PAC and grassroots, and professional development content.   A hallmark of the annual I2M conferences is information sharing ...

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Starting a Grassroots Employee Network

Memo to corporate and business leaders who want to wield a bigger stick in the political arena: Start a grassroots employee network. Most politically active companies hire lobbyists and make political contributions. But the most effective companies use politically engaged employee networks to supplement that work and bring their corporate activism to the next level.

The first step is educating your workforce about your company’s top legislative priorities. Teach your employees how to lobby their elected officials and create opportunities for ...

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Quick Tips for PAC and Grassroots Goal Setting

1. Be firm on your results, rather than the activities to get the results. I find that very successful people are firm about their intended results, and flexible on the process to achieve the results. Less successful people are firm about the process and flexible on the results.

2. Work backwards from your envisioned goal. Planning is taking what you have and generating activities. Strategy is working backwards from your envisioned goal.

3. Create implementation metrics and accountabilities.

4. Determine the level of ...

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How an Association’s Government Relations Shop Can Get More Respect

This is a real challenge for many organizations. I know of several prominent national associations that have a huge government relations staff and budget. They are competent and highly professional, but they admitted to me that their Board does not know what they do for the association.

No one is going to seek out ways to recognize your department’s work. You have to get in front of your Board, get on their meeting agenda as often as you can, and tell ...

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