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The Final Three Persuasion Lessons from the Final Presidential Debate: Obama’s Zingers vs. Romney’s Restraint

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In my last post, I shared some persuasion lessons from the first Presidential and Vice Presidential debates. Because each debate reveals new persuasion tactics and lessons, I couldn’t resist writing a sequel to my Continue Reading →

Mixing Business and Politics

You may have seen the recent research from the University of Tennessee, in which Russell Crook, David Woehr and Sean Lux have found that yes, indeed, mixing business and politics makes good financial sense. Continue Reading →

The Good “S” Word

The good “s” word in PAC leadership is sales. The most successful PAC professionals know that they have to be superior salespeople.

They sell their PAC like crazed weasels (that’s a compliment) to PAC eligible employees and members, and also sell its’ virtues and results to senior organization leaders who can help or hinder their PAC development. They take nothing for granted. Unfortunately, many government relations professionals don’t practice this discipline.

My observation is that PAC professionals either do not believe in ...

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