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What Does it Take to Get Legislative Staff to Remember Your Information? How to Prevent “Senior Moments” Among Legislative Staff

Those of you who have hired us for our grassroots advocacy workshops know about the prevalence and power of heuristic persuasion techniques, as well as how to combat heuristic decision making on the part of legislators and their staff. Kristina Miler (not Miller) of the University of Illinois is one of the first researchers to examine how “political and legislative elites” use heuristics to recall information presented by constituents. All grassroots professionals and lobbyists should be aware of Miler’s findings.

Heuristics ...

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Taking Arrows for the Profession

Dave Wenhold of the American League of Lobbyists takes more arrows for the profession. Check out this article.

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How to Increase Quality Participation at Your Annual Lobby Day

Annual “Lobby Day” or Capitol Hill “Fly-Ins” are ubiquitous events with lots of legislator and constituent interaction. For purposes of this article, I’ll refer to them as “lobby days”. It’s important for grassroots volunteers to see their legislator “on the job,” and to learn that their lawmaker is indeed human.

In spite of the tremendous benefits, I have observed that the participation rates are much lower than in the past. Organization members cite the universal “I don’t have time” rationale. There ...

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