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Failure to Customize PAC Messages

Believing that what motivates a particular organizations’ PAC eligibles to join the PAC will motivate our organization has always intrigued me, and not in a positive way. Be wary of any generic “Motivating PAC Messages” workshops or consulting packages. Context is paramount in any successful influence campaign. The motivation depends on the environment, the organizational climate, the political climate, and with some PAC audiences, whether they are having a bad hair day or a bad horoscope.

“This is the number-one influence ...

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Motivating Grassroots Volunteers

The Good News

There is a lot of time and effort directed at motivating grassroots volunteers. The bad news is that much of it is directed in the wrong place.

What is lacking in most organizations, most markedly in the corporate grassroots programs, are grassroots managers with the motivation and team leadership skills who can motivate your members or employees to become raging grassroots thunder activists. Like it or not, just as a CEO or department Vice President imbues a type of ...

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How To Get People To Respond To Action Alerts or Take Volunteer Leadership Roles

Laser in on what being involved in the advocacy network means. What does it mean when the volunteer joins in terms of their commitment and expected activity levels? Despite your nice graphics and catchy tag line, many times, there’s just no there there. The ubiquitous sign up usually goes like this: “Yes! I want to be involved in the advocacy network!” It’s nebulous – what does “involved” mean, exactly?

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