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The Top 9 Things Your PAC Prospects Don’t Want to Hear

Based on my experience in delivering actual PAC fundraising appeals, as well as interviewing corporate employees and association members, here is my list of the top 9 most uninfluential and uninspiring ways to make your PAC pitch. These apply to oral, written, and web content communications.

Keep it nearby when you are preparing your remarks for your next PAC membership drive, because you can, safely and without the supervision of a trained professional, try these techniques on your own.

1. “You need ...

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The Latest on PAC Burn Rates…

You’ve heard that you have to “spend money to make money” and that applies to PAC’s as well. But are there benchmarks on PAC operating expenses?

Dan Backer of Backer Capital Strategies released some detailed, useful research on PAC operating expenses. Rather than cherry-picking top PAC’s, he examined PAC operating expenses by receipts for a more accurate picture.

It’s worth a look…

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