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Mixing Business and Politics

You may have seen the recent research from the University of Tennessee, in which Russell Crook, David Woehr and Sean Lux have found that yes, indeed, mixing business and politics makes good financial sense. Continue Reading →

The Latest on PAC Burn Rates…

You’ve heard that you have to “spend money to make money” and that applies to PAC’s as well. But are there benchmarks on PAC operating expenses?

Dan Backer of Backer Capital Strategies released some detailed, useful research on PAC operating expenses. Rather than cherry-picking top PAC’s, he examined PAC operating expenses by receipts for a more accurate picture.

It’s worth a look…

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PAC Reporting

Greetings Innovators,

According to our Innovate to Motivate® faculty member, Brett Kappel of Arent Fox, when a corporate PAC has the corporation’s accounting department – rather than PAC professionals – handle the PAC’s FEC reporting duties, the result isn’t pretty. See here:

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