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The Right Way for Businesses To Engage In Politics In 2013

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It’s time to reflect upon what we can learn from business involvement in politics during 2012. There is rich material for us to learn from, and I could write about much more than this column allows. However, I have prioritized those concerns that apply ...

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Politics in the Workplace is Good for Business

Just in case you are having “issues” with some who think grassroots programs and PAC’s don’t belong in the workplace, here is my take on it published on CNBC’s web site:

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Can Companies Go Too Far When It Comes To Their PAC?

I2M faculty member Brett Kappel of Arent Fox advises his clients to create PAC bylaws that suit the political needs and culture of the company.  However, Brett says a company can go too far in trying to ensure that the PAC is run consistently with the corporate culture. Here’s what he says about Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s PAC “argument”:

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From Concern to Cooperation: How to Use Grassroots and Lobbying to Build Your PAC

While some look for a “silver bullet” to raise PAC funds, we sometimes forget that it’s many things, rather than one thing, that changes a PAC’s bank account. A constant dilemma among PAC professionals is how to advance the PAC when the organizational culture has been averse to it at worst, and at best, ambivalent.

I heard some good news from Micah Intermill, Director of Advocacy for the Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA). Micah, along with his colleagues Maribeth Bersani, ...

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11 Strategy Questions You Have to Answer Before You Build Your Grassroots and PAC Capacity

I am seeing a lot of turn-key tools for grassroots professionals who need to give their grassroots volunteers something to do. I agree that volunteers need to have clear direction on the best activities to build awareness of your issue and your organization before elected officials and opinion leaders. However, doing that in absence of a strategy simply takes us farther along the “activity without results” road.

People tend to make strategy harder than it needs to be. Nevertheless, the reality ...

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Why Things Fail

I’m very proud of our track record with our long-term consulting clients. We find that 85% of them get more financial and human resources and internal organizational stature as a result of our collaborations. In addition, they experience increases in their grassroots volunteer influence and PAC receipts. They know how to execute.

But join me on the dark side for a moment. Lots of organizations that attempt change are unsuccessful. They don’t execute well. Here are the ...

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Is Your Organization’s Diversity Program Hurting Your PAC Recruitment?

Before you send me flaming e-mails, read on.

I had one of my many “learning moments” recently when working with one of my corporate PAC clients. We were talking prior to the workshop about all the new corporate diversity programs. There was no judgment as to whether they were good or bad; it was just an oral compilation of the various initiatives.

I know that one of the keys to get employees or association members to contribute to a political action committee ...

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The Top 9 Things Your PAC Prospects Don’t Want to Hear

Based on my experience in delivering actual PAC fundraising appeals, as well as interviewing corporate employees and association members, here is my list of the top 9 most uninfluential and uninspiring ways to make your PAC pitch. These apply to oral, written, and web content communications.

Keep it nearby when you are preparing your remarks for your next PAC membership drive, because you can, safely and without the supervision of a trained professional, try these techniques on your own.

1. “You need ...

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Why have a PAC?

This is why…

Innovate to Motivate faculty member Brett Kappel weighs in on new research from Vanderbilt University:

The research finds that corporations gain clear financial benefits when individual employees make political donations.

What they describe in a new research paper is strong evidence that individuals who make political donations – whether at the behest of companies or not – directly benefit businesses in their communities.

“The reason we looked at individual contributions is because it accounts for about two-thirds of all ...

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Mixing Business and Politics

You may have seen the recent research from the University of Tennessee, in which Russell Crook, David Woehr and Sean Lux have found that yes, indeed, mixing business and politics makes good financial sense. Continue Reading →

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