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Is Your Organization’s Diversity Program Hurting Your PAC Recruitment?

Before you send me flaming e-mails, read on.

I had one of my many “learning moments” recently when working with one of my corporate PAC clients. We were talking prior to the workshop about all the new corporate diversity programs. There was no judgment as to whether they were good or bad; it was just an oral compilation of the various initiatives.

I know that one of the keys to get employees or association members to contribute to a political action committee ...

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Building Your Volunteer Network: Recruit Volunteers

This is the first post in a series about how any organization with 501(c)(3) status can build a grassroots advocacy network and do lobbying within the confines of the law.

Step One: Recruit Volunteers

Begin by considering where you can find volunteers for your lobbying efforts. Start with your organization’s strengths – mine your database of donors and volunteers: Who in your organization has relationships with legislators or people with connections to legislators? Who are the effective communicators?

To be successful, you must ...

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