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Advice to People Who Are Trying to Use Social Media for a Grassroots Network

How much time do you have?  My top pieces of advice are:

1. Know your end goal – social media are not the same thing as social capital. You can have all of the connections in the universe, but if those people aren’t willing to act on your behalf, it doesn’t matter.

I was reminded of this in a conversation with  Betsy Vetter, director of government relations for the American Heart Association in North Carolina. She has learned that  “the way you ...

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How Social Media Are Being Used By Grassroots Campaigns

We see social media being used in several ways, the most visible being the recent protests in Iran. That was a grassroots awareness campaign. Social media have also been used long before that by very structured, established grassroots organizations to get the word out to their members about legislative developments, as well as to recruit and organize.

Where I’m seeing them being used most successfully is to provide information to an organization’s members in real time and to recruit people for ...

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How Social Media Differ from Traditional Advocacy/Grassroots

It’s the rules of the grassroots road that you have to always be recruiting, retaining and motivating your audience to act – to go from having social networks to having social capital. That will never change.

A lot of grassroots work is pure and not very simple data base management. Social media can change the velocity of your list creation and maintenance. Kari Lantos of the Association of International Educators said her foray into social media has allowed her to spread ...

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The FEC and Social Media – Trend Analysis from I2M Faculty Member Brett Kappel

We’ve had some community members ask about trends and/or guidelines for using Twitter and other social media tools to communicate about your PAC. According to I2M faculty member Brett Kappel, “The Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United should have an impact on your ability to communicate with your members via Twitter soon. The FEC is revisiting its rules regarding communications by corporations regarding candidates in light of Citizens United, but they haven’t started that rulemaking yet. In my ...

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How Do the Top Interest Groups Use Social Media for Government Relations?

Here’s a new study on social media use by top lobbying groups.

The study found that the vast majority of leading U.S. political advocacy groups are using at least one social media platform to connect and organize stakeholders.

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Do Facebook Sit-Ins Work?

Thanks to Meaghan Killion Joyce for forwarding an interesting piece on about the use of Facebook sit-ins.

It supports my reminder that abundance dilutes impact.

Clay Shirky, author of “Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations,” said the following in the article about social media sites as a way to put pressure on lawmakers: “It may be effective in the short term, but it will not be effective in the long term. This is the classic ...

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I2M Presents Research Findings on the Best (and Worst) Uses of Social Media

As more people use technology each month – from the Internet to mobile phones to both – our habits and expectations change. We start to evolve, and the technology evolves with us. This creates an environment of digital Darwinism: political organizations and associations can either adapt or slowly die off.

Julie Barko Germany, Director of George Washington University’s Institute for Politics, Democracy and the Internet, will be sharing her latest research on how groups are successfully (and unsuccessfully) using social ...

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