Underdog Edge Book Review

“The Underdog Edge shows you the psychology behind why certain
underdogs are successful in championing their cause, whether it be a
business person, sports figure or politician. Showalter, who has very
impressive credentials in coaching organizations on the principles of
persuasion, breaks down the traits and approaches that are necessary
in order to get through to the “top dogs” as she calls them – in other
words, the people who hold the keys to making the decisions. Many
success stories, citing specific examples, are used in each chapter to
illustrate how the various techniques worked.

I thought this book was well thought-out, well executed and chock-full
of helpful information, with a flourish of humor and very candid
quotes from her interview subjects. Though the people Showalter
features in her book are typically fighting for larger issues than,
say, asking your boss for a raise, I think the same principles can be
applied. There are certainly things I could draw upon for use in my
work life in how to better deal with management when trying to
advocate for an idea.

There are SO many case studies and examples, particularly from the
political world, that I have to admit I skipped a few of them. I was
much more interested in the psychology of the different principles.

I think this is a book you specifically seek out when you have a cause
to champion, but that being said, I took away some food for thought on
how to approach certain people. And I’ll try to look past the fact
that the author is an ardent Ohio State fan.”

Posted by Kathy Jambor, Avid Book Reader