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We are hired by some of the nation’s most well-known brands, and believe in client collaboration as we jointly diagnose and prescribe evidence-based, customized approaches to improve advocacy and PAC performance and results.

We are hired by some of the nation’s most well-known brands, and believe in client collaboration as we jointly diagnose and prescribe evidence-based, customized approaches to improve advocacy and PAC performance and results.

What We Do

Amy Showalter - Evidence Based Approaches

Evidence-Based Approaches to Improving PAC & Advocacy Results

We believe in helping clients achieve long-term improvement. This is why many of our interventions are research-based. The Velocity Research Data & Analytics service gives you precise insights on the best messages, messengers, and mediums for your particular influence challenge, making your outreach less of a guessing game and more evidence-based.    

The Showalter Group - Speaking, Training, and Facilitating

Speaking, Training, Facilitation

Amy integrates the science of influence into all client learning experiences.  “No on else can do what Amy does because she understands corporate and political realities as well as how to bring out the best from our grassroots leaders.”  

Home Advisory Services - Amy Showalter

Advisory Services

Amy Showalter serves as a trusted advisor to government relations professionals across the nation. She is a sounding board who offers advisory clients a third party confidential, objective view to help them reach their highest priority outcomes while expanding their influence and impact within their organization and externally.

The Showalter Group - Coaching Services

Coaching for Public Affairs/Government Relations Professionals

Amy helps government relations professionals identify, maximize and exploit their innate talents and strengths.  Her coaching clients report that she is able to uncover their brilliance and motivate them to achieve their highest priority outcomes.  Women in Government Relations members receive a discount when contracting with Amy for a coaching relationship.

Why Do Some Advocacy Stories Persuade and Some Fall Flat?

Amy shares with her audience why some advocacy stories persuade and some fall flat.  Contact her to discuss how she can equip and empower your advocates, PAC recruiters, staff, and leaders to communicate powerful stories:, (513) 762-7668

“Working with Amy jumped started our program in both time and impact. It would have taken months, possibly years, to reach the same level had we attempted to launch the initiative without her help. With her experience and ability to understand our organization’s needs and translate it into action made all the difference. Within 10 months we have registered more than 5,000 active and engaged advocates.”

Annie Peters

| Pet Partners®

“Amy is the absolute best. Not only is she a legend in the grassroots and PAC community, Amy is a genuinely great person. My emails, texts, and in-person conversations with Amy are always upbeat, enlightening, informative, and full of enthusiastic energy. I’d strongly encourage newbies and veterans alike to attend Amy’s I2M meetings and events. They are intimate, informative, and you will leave with new friends and new knowledge. Amy knows how to connect people so they can share their wisdom with others, while taking in the knowledge of peers in a collaborative and fun environment.”

Chazz Clevinger

CEO, One Click Politics
| 2019 & 2020 Reed Award Winner, Best Advocacy Technology Platform

“The Underdog Edge information that you provided to our students is priceless and something that every public affairs professional should have in their tool kit. Moreover the “on-the-ground” accounts are such an effective learning tool and why your teaching is so effective – you are able to provide theory, data, and first-hand illustrations. You’re a professor at heart!”

Dr. Victoria De Francesco Soto

Director of Civic Engagement
| LBJ School of Public Affairs University of Texas at Austin | Dean, Clinton School of Public Service University of Arkansas

“I want you to know that your ABA session was absolutely the best that I have ever encountered in my 36 years in association management...not just the best, the most practical and useful! Thanks again for a tremendous session.”

Max Cook

President & CEO
| Missouri Bankers Association

“Our culture encourages us to harness the best data and processes available to improve our results across our business units. As that relates to the IP PAC, I believe it’s important to consistently assess the attitudes of our contributors and noncontributors so that we can adjust our messaging accordingly. We have collaborated with Amy and Dr. Rhoads for years because their approach works! It’s not generic research, but highly collaborative and customized. Our PAC has consistently grown despite the ups and downs of the global economy and industry conditions.”

Meaghan Joyce

Senior Manager, Political and Advocacy Strategy
| International Paper

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