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    Elevating the Science and Practice of Political Involvement Programs. Keeping your advocates and PAC contributors engaged and motivated isn’t easy. Join national PAC and grassroots influence expert, author, and consultant, Amy Showalter, as she shares evidence-based best practices for improving your grassroots and PAC productivity and results.

    The Engagement Edge Podcast
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    We specialize in helping organizations that need to galvanize their volunteers, PAC prospects and staff to advance their cause in the legislative process.

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    We are hired by some of the nation’s most well-known brands . . . .we believe in client collaboration as
    we jointly diagnose and prescribe evidence-based, customized approaches to improve government relations team performance and results.

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  • The Underdog Edge

    In The Underdog Edge, you’ll learn how to influence up the food chain from the real life stories of those who have done it, as well as from the powerful people whose minds they changed.

    “I keep a copy of The Underdog Edge on my desk here at work in D.C. The lessons I learned reading it help in my current role raising money for the nurses.” – Joshua Phoebus, Development Manager, American Academy of Nursing

    The Underdog Edge

Why your teaching is so effective “Working with Amy jumped started our program in both time and impact. It would have taken months, possibly years, to reach the same level had we attempted to launch the initiative without her help.  With her experience and ability to understand our organization’s needs and translate it into action made all the difference. Within 10 months we have registered more than 5,000 active and engaged advocates.” –Annie Peters, CEO, Pet Partners International

You provide theory, data and first-hand illustrations. "The information that you provided our graduate students is priceless and something that every public affairs professional should have in their tool kit. Moreover the “on-the-ground” accounts are such an effective learning tool and why your teaching is so effective – you are able to provide theory, data, and first-hand illustrations. You’re a professor at heart!"–Victoria M. DeFrancesco Soto, Ph.D. , Ass't Dean of Civic Engagement, University of Texas at Austin

Customized research results in annual PAC growth "Our PAC has experienced consistent growth, but we believe it's always important to conduct a periodic check up to ascertain our PAC's health. Amy and Kelton partnered with us in a highly customized approach to design the research so that we had actionable data. It revealed key insights and debunked assumptions about our contributors and non-contributors that has guided our fundraising, resulting in ongoing annual PAC growth test." –Patricia Murphy, Manager, Legislative Affairs, BNSF Railway

No One Can Do What Amy Does “As we built the foundation of our new grassroots program, we knew our franchisees would be the most valuable part of it. They are a willing audience, but we needed to train them for the unique needs of grassroots organizing in a corporate franchised system. Amy kept them engaged, provided hands-on coaching and new tactics to help them be successful at influencing policymakers and their franchise colleagues. No one else can do what Amy does because she understands corporate and political realities as well as how to bring out the best from our grassroots leaders.” –Mary Schell, Senior Vice President, The Wendy's Company, Inc.

Great Energy, Applicable Examples and Valuable Insights “As always, you bring great energy, applicable examples, and valuable insights to our Key Contact training that will help our advocates gain confidence in their new role.” –Laurie Barnett, Director of Community Affairs and Grassroots, Southwest Airlines

All Time High in Receipts and Number of Contributors “Our CouncilPAC is at an all time high in receipts and number of contributors. Not a day goes by I don't greatly appreciate all the work you did to get us to this place.”–Webb Milward, Vice President, Business Development, The Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers

Perfect Ratings - High Energy “Amy received perfect ratings from our staff. She put the time and effort into understanding our organization and our needs before the session and then had an energy level that kept everyone motivated to learn.” –Steve Woods, Vice President State Public Policy, National Federation of Independent Business

I've never seen our State executives so engaged “That was the best presentation I've ever seen! I've never seen our state executives so engaged. Brian always told me I needed to experience one of your workshops. Now I know why.”–Helen Kim, PAC Director, National Propane Gas Association

Advanced approach to advocacy “Amy presents an advanced approach to advocacy. She knows what peer reviewed research is and integrates it into her presentation. Her information on how to avoid being biased and avoiding authority traps when talking to legislatures was very valuable. I loved the videos!”–Jeanne McCauley, M.D., Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Our Members Were Highly Engaged “Our members are relatively new to grassroots involvement. Amy carefully tailored her program to their level of grassroots understanding, but yet challenged them to take the next steps toward making a difference. Our members were highly engaged in her presentation, and I thought it was just great.” –Mary Harris, Executive Director, National Association of the Remodeling Industry

Most interesting message ever “You are one of the most interesting people we've ever heard from and your underdog edge message was the most interesting ever, as well.”–Pat Rochford, RN, New York State Nurses Association

Took Our PAC Leadership to a Higher Level in Fundraising Strategy “ Although we have one of the larger PAC’s in the country, we always look for ways to improve. Amy’s session on the science of persuasion and how to ethically integrate it into our PAC presentations received very high reviews from our members. Based on specific after-conference evaluations, her session was extremely well received. She took our PAC leadership to a higher level in their PAC fundraising strategy. We will include Amy at future events.”–Ned Monroe, Vice President, National Association of Manufacturers

An Inspiration“ I have loved working with you. You are a powerhouse and an inspiration.” –Amber Stoner, Director of Public Affairs, Hospital Corporation of America

Set the tone for future objectives “Your presentation on the underdog edge at our national convention was very well received by our attendees and it set the tone for many of our grassroots and PAC objectives as we move forward. Thank you!” –Steve Pfister, Senior Vice President, Government Affairs, National Community Pharmacists Association

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Amy shares with her audience why some advocacy stories persuade and some fall flat. Contact Amy today to discuss how she can equip and empower your advocates, PAC recruiters, staff and leaders to communicate powerful narratives: [email protected] / 513.762.7668

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