Reached PAC goal a year early. “We received great feedback on the narrative messages that you helped us create, especially your coaching on how our executives can use their personal stories to encourage more PAC participation. We surpassed our 2015 goal and reached our 2016 goal a year in advance! We are so excited to have elevated the PAC to new levels and brought so much awareness to the PAC and to our Government Relations Department. It was wonderful to work with you.”–Cassi Baker, Vice President of State Government Affairs, Cardinal Health

Customized research results in annual PAC growth. "Our PAC has experienced consistent growth, but we believe it's always important to conduct a periodic check up to ascertain our PAC's health. Amy and Kelton partnered with us in a highly customized approach to design the research so that we had actionable data. It revealed key insights and debunked assumptions about our contributors and non-contributors that has guided our fundraising, resulting in ongoing annual PAC growth." –Patricia Murphy, Manager, Legislative Affairs, BNSF Railway

Upbeat, enlightening, informative and full of energy. "Amy is the absolute best. Not only is she a legend in the grassroots and PAC community; Amy is a genuinely great person. My emails, texts, and in-person conversations with Amy are always upbeat, enlightening, informative, and full of enthusiastic energy. I'd strongly encourage newbies and veterans alike to attend Amy's annual I2M conference. It's intimate, informative, and you will leave with new friends and new knowledge. Amy knows how to connect people so they can share their wisdom with others, while taking in the knowledge of peers in a collaborative and fun environment." –Chazz Clevinger, CEO of One Click Politics & 2020 Reed Award Winner for Best Advocacy Technology Platform

No one can do what Amy does “As we built the foundation of our new grassroots program, we knew our franchisees would be the most valuable part of it. They are a willing audience, but we needed to train them for the unique needs of grassroots organizing in a corporate franchised system. Amy kept them engaged, provided hands-on coaching and new tactics to help them be successful at influencing policymakers and their franchise colleagues. No one else can do what Amy does because she understands corporate and political realities as well as how to bring out the best from our grassroots leaders.” –Mary Schell, Senior Vice President, The Wendy's Company, Inc.

Empowered us to achieve real world results “The Showalter Group provides keen insight, creativity and common sense that is both actionable and measurable. Their guidance has been a catalyst to elevate the impact of our investment in government relations and empowered us to better achieve real world results.”–Jamie Richardson Vice President, Government and Shareholder Relations White Castle System, Inc.

Research-based approach aligns GR, corporate and franchisee cultures “We hired Amy as we built our government relations capacity. We went from no PAC to raising over a quarter of a million dollars in our first election cycle. Most important, her research - based consulting approach allowed us to align the government relations function with the corporate and Franchisee community cultures. As a result, we have a strong foundation of corporate and Franchisee cooperation with our government relations work, as well as the PAC and grassroots programs. We've been recognized for our leadership on key industry issues, and most important, more legislators seek out our opinion on issues important to our industry.”–David Langefels Vice President, Risk Management & Government Relations, Buffalo Wild Wings®

Our board members said this was the best meeting they ever attended “We now have board member ownership of the PAC fundraising process through personal accountability, goals, and group metrics. Despite a tough economy, we have gained over 600 new PAC members.”– Meaghan Killion Joyce, Manager, Political Affairs, International Paper

Knowledgeable, Credible and Likeable “I learned how to approach someone who may be opposed to our issue and turn them around. Amy is knowledgeable, credible and likeable.” –Barbara Little, Ethyl Corporation

Very Valuable “The scientific information on why so many people rely on what others are thinking before making a decision was very valuable. I will use this information to lobby more effectively.” –Claude Boudrias, American Chemical Council

An inspiration “I have loved working with you. You are a powerhouse and an inspiration.” –Amber Stoner, Director-Public Affairs, Hospital Corporation of America

New methods for PAC results “Historically we have experienced strong PAC results, but with major legislative issues on the horizon, we anticipated a need to bolster our efforts. I interviewed many PAC consultants who told me what I already knew: that we “needed a peer to peer campaign” (which we had executed in the past). Amy knew that the challenges went beyond basic PAC recruitment tactics and common off the shelf solutions. We integrated a scientific approach to uncovering the reasons our PAC eligibles do and don't contribute to the PAC. We now know what works and what doesn't when communicating about the PAC, as well as how to build goodwill with our contributors.” –Ken Hiscoe, Director/Team Leader, Political Affairs, Pfizer, Inc.

Solid organizational foundation and implementation strategies “Amy’s counsel as we developed our program has had lasting results. In fact, a recent employee grassroots campaign on major federal legislation resulted in over 13,000 personal letters to Members of Congress, helping to save our company millions of dollars a year. Our achievement was recognized and lauded by our company leaders. I attribute this to the solid organizational foundation and implementation strategies that we learned from Amy.” –Susan Goodman, Director of Legislator Awareness, Southwest Airlines

More than we could expect “Thank you! The training was great and everyone had positive feedback. Thank you for making those two days more than we could ever expect.” –Carol Phillips, Grassroots Manager, Nationwide Insurance

Every time I talk to you, I get inspired “You did an excellent job on our membership and message framing report. I am really pleased with the findings and you did a great job of clearly defining our challenges and opportunities. Thanks again for all that you do. Every time I talk to you, I get inspired!” –Meaghan Killion Joyce, Manager of Political Affairs, International Paper

I could have listened to her for two more hours “What Amy taught us can be used in any environment; with co-workers, family members, and customers. I was taking lots of notes and could have listened to her for two more hours.” –Joan Coleman, President, AT&T Kentucky

Ensured that we had the tools to get it done “We are bursting with pride and happiness. . .you two deserve so much credit for all that you have done to ensure we had the tools, data and support to get this done. On behalf of our Dow team, I am sincerely appreciative and offer you the warmest thanks!” –Louis Vega, Director of Corporate Reputation and Operations India, Middle East & Africa, The Dow Chemical Company

Solutions backed up with research “Some people will tell you what to do, but Amy will tell you why a strategy or tactic works. She never presents any solutions that are not backed up with research, her extensive track records of what works, and/or the science behind the strategy.” –Cassi Baker, Vice President of State Government Affairs, Cardinal Health

Great energy, applicable examples and valuable insights “As always, you bring great energy, applicable examples, and valuable insights to our Key Contact training that will help our advocates gain confidence in their new role.” –Laurie Barnett, Director of Community Affairs and Grassroots, Southwest Airlines

New ways to think about leadership “Our Leadership Development Network members have high expectations. Ann and Amy's workshop on how to increase our individual executive presence and influence was a well-developed program that gave them new ways to think about leadership qualities in themselves and others. Over 90% of the post-workshop respondents gave them perfect ratings, and fully 100% enjoyed the workshop format. The program was a new dimension to our in-house initiative which I would recommend to my Duke colleagues across the country.” –Debbie Proctor, Indiana Regulatory and Public Affairs, Duke Energy

Difficult assignment carried off magnificently “What a great job you did. You had a very difficult assignment in a short period of time to energize and excite an audience – but you carried it off magnificently as evidenced by the audience participation.” –George Williams, Vice President of Government and Environmental Affairs, (formerly) Darden Restaurants

Customized counsel garners senior leadership support “It was critical that we rolled out our new advocacy and PAC initiatives with a solid foundation for long-term viability. Amy provided customized counsel and guidance that has helped us garner significant senior leadership support for our work as well as excitement and enthusiasm among our Key Contacts.” –Kathleen Smith, Vice President of Government Affairs, Fresenius Medical Care North America

She meets you where you're at and gives you the right guidance “Since we were starting our grassroots program from square one, we knew that a solid plan of attack was required if we were going to be successful. Amy's direct consultation was precisely what we needed to target and prioritize action items that are essential to starting a grassroots program. That is what is so great about Amy! Whatever the status of your grassroots program, she meets you where you're at and gives you the tools and direction to build the kind of grassroots results that will enhance your ability to shape and influence public policy. One of the projects we collaborated on was a persuasive grassroots presentation to hundreds of our franchisees. One franchisee after another came up to me and said it was the best and most interesting presentation of the whole two-day event. They admitted that they used to delete my emails when they received them, but after my presentation, they want to get on board with grassroots advocacy. The President of our company even thought it was great. After conducting just three of these meetings, our action call participation rate jumped from 7-8% to over 22%.” –Andrew Weikert, Government Affairs Liaison, Auntie Anne's, Inc.

One of the most creative and energetic public affairs professionals “Amy Showalter is one of the most creative and energetic public affairs professionals around. She never fails to motivate her audience and to provide unique insights into grassroots development. Working with Amy is always a pleasure!” –Mike Morris, Regional Advocacy Manager, GlaxoSmithKline

One of the best training workshops I've ever attended “I’ve been at Pfizer 30 years, so I’ve heard it all. I’ve been to a lot of training workshops. This is one of the, if not the, best one I’ve ever attended. Thank you so much!” –Carol Mazin, Senior Professional Healthcare Consultant, Pfizer Labs

At the forefront of creativity in the political involvement field “Amy is without a doubt at the forefront of creativity in the political involvement field, as she offers innovative approaches to problem solving. Her enthusiasm is captivating as well as contagious. I have worked with many consultants during my 25 years with The Dow Chemical company, and Amy Showalter is at the top of the list.” –Vicky Suazo Leader, Political Affairs, The Dow Chemical Company

Amy took it up a notch “We have hired Amy numerous times for our annual Key Contact training event. On our program's 10-year anniversary, we asked her back to present a special motivational talk to our experienced Key Contacts, as well as our “rookie” volunteers. I heard so many great comments about her talk. Our employees are naturally motivated and enthusiastic, but Amy took it up a notch so that our veterans and rookies alike walked away with renewed energy and dedication to their tasks.” –Lori Cherry, Manager of Legislative Awareness, Southwest Airlines

How to get to the next level “Many groups use Amy to get them started on the path to an effective grassroots program. We asked Amy to get us re-juiced. We’d just won a major award for our program and we were determined not to rest on our laurels. Amy told us how to take our program to the next level so that we would not lose the energy that brought us so much success.” –John Stowell, General Manager of Public Affairs, Cinergy Corporation / Duke Energy

Years of practical hands-on experience “Amy brings an enthusiasm and knowledge of the process that is unique and timely. Her years of practical hands-on experience really shows, and most importantly, motivates.” –John Willey, Wellpoint

Gives confidence and knowledge to maintain programs “We hired Amy because of her extensive knowledge of how to create sustainable grassroots and PAC programs. My staff was very comfortable working with Amy. As a result, they quickly organized a new Key Contact network, started a headquarter office grassroots program, and are gearing up to increase our PAC’s visibility and contributions. Our team now has the confidence and knowledge to maintain these programs.” –Jesse Colgate, Senior Vice President, New York Life Insurance

Knowledgeable, credible and likeable “I learned how to approach someone who may be opposed to our issue and turn them around. Amy is knowledgeable, credible and likeable.” –Barbara Little, Ethyl Corporation

Extensive grassroots experience and the enthusiasm you have for your work was very inspirational “Thank you for the excellent campaign training program that met and exceeded my goals and expectations. Over 70 percent of the participants are working on a campaign. It is apparent that the trainees were very motivated by your training techniques. Your knowledge of the insurance industry, extensive grassroots experience, and the enthusiasm you have for your work was very inspirational during this process.” –Dustin Miller, Partner, Government Strategies, LLC

Persuasion, not PR 101 “This made me think about what we should be doing as we launch our grassroots program. Amy included solid references to motivational psychology and demonstrated a grounding in the science of persuasion, rather than PR 101.” –Kevan Fenderson, Brinker International, Inc.

A vibrant speaker “Amy’s personal stories made it easier to remember her techniques and put them into action. She is a vibrant speaker, and the role playing and examples were very fun.” –Mary Jo Bailey, The Children’s Hospital Denver

National Associations

Pioneered the application of scientific influence principles. "Whether you want to recruit more advocates, raise more PAC dollars, or improve your issue communication, you have to cut through the noise. To do that, a higher-level approach is needed. Amy Showalter has pioneered the application of scientific influence principles to the political involvement profession. She is the only person who grounds her work in an evidence-based behavioral science approach. This allows government relations professionals to stop guessing about what resonates with their target audiences and stakeholders, deliver messages that cut through the clutter of today’s noisy environment, and reach their advocacy goals faster. Amy accomplishes this for her clients while being an absolute delight to work with. Her energy, inquisitiveness, innovative mindset, and passion for helping others succeed is infectious. She is an unparalleled collaborator whose dedication to those she works with, and the profession more broadly, shines through in everything she does. Run, do not walk, to the opportunity to work with Amy Showalter!" –Tommy Goodwin, CEO, Miller Wenhold Association Management

You're able to provide theory, data and first-hand illustrations. “The information that you provided to our students is priceless and something that every public affairs professional should have in their tool kit.  Moreover the “on-the-ground” accounts are such an effective learning tool and why your teaching is so effective – you are able to provide theory, data, and first-hand illustrations.  You’re a professor at heart!”–Dr. Victoria De Francesco Soto, Director of Civic Engagement, LBJ School of Public Affairs, University of Texas at Austin

Amy shared ideas I had never thought of. “Having been in my position for five years, and having had success in overall fundraising, I was hitting some creativity slumps and looking for new ways to achieve success and sustainability for the PAC, while reinvigorating and propelling it forward. One conversation with Amy was all it took to get me re-energized, re-focused, and incredibly motivated to hit the ground running. She shared ideas that I had never thought of – while providing tangible ways I could put some of my own thoughts into action. Her knowledge of the association and PAC worlds is second to none – and her research and knowledge also helped me identify trends and ways I can engage a new generation of donors. It was such a refreshing conversation. I am grateful I have someone like Amy to challenge and guide me – and who helps me grow professionally and take my work to the next level.”–Brittany Thune Lindberg, Vice President, Development, Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers

One of the most ground-breaking workshops. "Well, Amy and her team are the first people I think of when I get a new idea, to see if they have already done it. She produced a conference for her loyal fans and many new ones in D.C. where Dr. Rhoads spoke on the science of authenticity, which may have been one of the most ground-breaking and timeliest ever, considering forces in society in 21st century America."–Alan B. Smith, National Liaison and Midwest Director, R Street Institute

Amazing take-aways. "This was my very first time attending the PHELAP conference.  I walked away with some amazing take-aways, including your presentation on measuring advocacy effectiveness."–Tom Bull, Executive Director, Portland State University Alumni Association

Adjust PAC messaging to gain engagement from new and younger members.  "Although we have the largest PAC in our industry, today's political climate requires that we have the most accurate information as possible regarding how our members think about political engagement and PACs. Amy and Kelton's research methodology helped us adjust our PAC messaging to gain engagement from new and younger CIAB members, which is critical for any association expanding their pool into the next generation of givers."–Gracie Gerlach, Director, CouncilPAC, The Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers

Amy is exceptional. “Amy Showalter is exceptional. She balances very insightful research with a strong understanding of politics and a wonderful presentation style.” –Greg Scott, Federal Advocacy Coordinator, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

Our attendees are now enthusiastic about engagement! “As always your presentation was dynamic, energetic and hit on all the right points.. Our attendees were so impressed by you and are now enthusiastic about engagement--which isn't easy!!!” –Stacie Monroe, Senior Manager, Political Affairs, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

Clean, concise and consistent! “The training was clean, concise and consistent. I left the training educated, engaged and ready to execute on our grassroots movement to ignite change. I will invite, equip and deploy!” –Michael Trebony, District Manager, Safelite AutoGlass®

Amy's passion and enthusiasm come through loud and clear “We hired Amy to deliver a webinar in advance of our D.C. Fly-In, with content appropriate for both veteran attendees and those new to the Fly-In experience.  Maintaining energy via the webinar format is difficult, but Amy's passion and enthusiasm come through loud and clear. She delivered high-level content for the veterans and equipped the first time attendees to conduct productive legislator meetings.  We received lots of positive feedback from webinar participants and found it to be a very valuable addition to our usual Fly-In repertoire.” –Ashley Burch, Director, Political Programs, International Dairy Foods Association

Amazing, Educational and Entertaining! “Amy was amazing, educational and entertaining! I learned so much on how to communicate with politicians.” –Brett Hetland, Golf Course Superintendents Association of America, Brooks Golf Club

Inspiration and easy to follow tips “We hired Amy to deliver a webinar to our grassroots leaders and knew we wanted to get her with them in person when the opportunity arose. Her presentation to our advocacy leaders on how “ordinary” people can successfully influence legislators opened their eyes to what’s possible. Many members commented after on how re-energized they were to go out and continue their grassroots advocacy journey. Amy goes beyond inspiration, however, and also gave them clear, easy to follow tips on how not to just be heard, but to be persuasive advocates.” –Emily Kluczynski, MPPA, Director of Advocacy, International Interior Design Association

Very Valuable “Amy’s workshop on metrics and how to measure issue progress and activating a base of supporters was very valuable. This workshop helped us lay the foundation to better coordinate our association’s grassroots effort.” –Clint Raine, Manager, Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs Association, National Corn Growers Association

Unparalleled credibility “Amy’s expertise was perfect for our situation. Her passion and credibility are unparalleled.” –Connie Tipton, CEO, International Dairy Foods Association

Amy Received Perfect Ratings “It’s kind of like the skater or diver who gets a score of 6 across the board from all the judges. Amy received perfect ratings from all of our Member Activism Coordinators for two of her training programs. I believe it was because she put the time and effort into understanding our organization and our needs before the session and then had an energy level that kept everyone motivated to learn.” –Steve Woods, Vice President, State Public Policy, National Federation of Independent Business

One of the best ever ASAE fly-in presentations “You were fantastic! Weeks later, I'm still hearing tons of positive comments about ASAE's Legislative Fly-In. It was one of the best ever Fly-In presentations. Amy, thanks again for the tremendous role you played to ensure that ASAE's Legislative Fly-In was a success.” –Jim Clarke, CAE, Senior Vice President of Public Policy, American Society of Association Executives (ASAE)

Valuable insights and engaging charisma “Hundreds of green building advocates across the country are now superbly equipped to navigate the policy process and successfully influence policy makers thanks to Amy Showalter and her invaluable insights and engaging charisma. She uniquely inspires and informs our advocates.” – Jeremy Sigmon, Advocacy Manager, U.S. Green Building Council

Raised more PAC money “We raised more money for the PAC last year than in the two previous years, and we are building on our success. I just used the materials you created at a Board meeting last weekend and our constituent groups will be using it, so I'm sure it will again help us raise more money.” –Pamela Phillips, Director of Health Policy and Government Relations, Society for Vascular Surgery

Insight and expertise for success “Thank you for everything you do to support all of us out in the field trying to engage in mobilized advocates. You’re the best cheerleader we could have - always providing insight and expertise to make us more successful. Innovate to Motivate® is the very best and we are all your fans.” –Betsy Vetter, Director of Government Relations, American Heart Association Mid-Atlantic Affiliate

Tips and Advice can be used in many areas “I believe much of Amy's tips and advice can be used in many more areas than just meeting with a Congressman.” –Phillip Fischer, Golf Course Superintendents Association of America, Oak Meadow Country Club

Set the tone for new PAC and grassroots objectives “Your presentation on the underdog edge at our national convention was very well received by our attendees and it set the tone for many of our grassroots and PAC objectives as we move forward. Thank you!” –Steve Pfister, Senior Vice President, Government Affairs, National Community Pharmacists Association

Best in the business “Any association or company which seeks to implement a new grassroots program or fine-time an existing program should only look to one person -- Amy Showalter. Amy knows what works and can tailor it to your specific needs. Simply put, Amy Showalter is the best in the business.” –Steve Pfister, Senior Vice President of Government Relations, National Retail Federation

Helped us persuade our members PAC is important “Amy’s tools helped us to persuade our members that PAC involvement is just as important as direct lobbying and grassroots engagement. Now our members are proud to have a larger PAC and understand its value.” –Micah Intermill, Director of Advocacy, Assisted Living Federation of America

Took our PAC leadership to a higher level in fundraising strategy “Although we have one of the larger PAC’s in the country, we always look for ways to improve. Amy’s session on the science of persuasion and how to ethically integrate it into our PAC presentations received very high reviews from our members. Based on specific after-conference evaluations, her session was extremely well received. She took our PAC leadership to a higher level in their PAC fundraising strategy. We will include Amy at future events.” –Ned Monroe, Vice President, National Association of Manufacturers

Strategic long-term thinking “Amy and Kelton's work was fantastic. The combination of their Influence Audit process and dynamic workshops (in fact, our members are still quoting Kelton's advice) enabled us to better frame our issues, and gives us an opportunity to be more proactive on future issues. We could tell our members' eyes were opened during this process -- they now think more strategically with a long-term view.” –Kelly Benedetti, Vice President of State Government Affairs and Industry Relations, National Restaurant Association

All-time high in receipts and number of contributors “Our CouncilPAC is at an all-time high in receipts and number of contributors. Not a day goes by I don’t greatly appreciate all the work you did to get us to this place.” –Webb Milward, Vice President of Business Development, The Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers

Game changing strategies that take programs to the next level “Our Government Affairs Directors are experienced, savvy professionals who demand high level information. I hire Amy to deliver that because of her keen political acumen and game-changing strategies that take their programs to next level. Our Government Affairs Directors really,really loved her presentation on how to measure and sell the value of their grassroots, PAC and lobbying functions.” –John Ferruggiario, Vice President of Political and Community Affairs, National Association of REALTORS

Proof that influence is a science “Our state executives got A LOT out of the work you presented. I especially liked some of the comments afterward from our state executives about your research being so well documented. Sometimes we have to sell lobbying as an art to our folks in the field. Your proof that influence is a science places our charges in a position where they have to sit and take notice.” –Brian Caudill, Director of Legislative Affairs, National Propane Gas Association

Great stuff as always “Great stuff, as always! Our registrants at our annual conference found your comments timely and informative.” –Geoff Ziebart, Executive Director, National Association of Business Political Action Committees (NABPAC)

Increased program focus “Our collaboration with Amy has given us a strategic plan with a clearly defined work schedule. It increased our program focus and we’ve been able to see results and grow the program because of this increased focus.” –Brian T. Pallasch, CAE, Managing Director of Government Relations and Infrastructure Initiatives, American Society of Civil Engineers

No one better than Amy Showalter “On behalf of the Public Affairs Association of Canada, thank you for your presentation at our annual conference. People loved the message and the messenger. Your enthusiasm and energetic delivery made your presentation an entertaining and memorable highlight of our conference. Frankly, I was surprised at who came up to me afterwards and told me how much they enjoyed your presentation and how much they learned from you. I can honestly say you now have a pretty firm fan base north of the border. If a colleague asked me today to recommend a speaker on grassroots, I would tell them there is no one better than Amy Showalter. She delivers the goods!” –Joe MacDonald, President, Public Affairs Association of Canada

A joy to listen to “All of Amy's workshop was valuable, but the social capital piece was very informative and interesting. Amy is a wealth of information, such a joy to listen to and learn from.” –Stephanie Wentz, Member Services Manager, NFIB – Colorado

Our members were highly engaged “Our members are relatively new to grassroots involvement. Amy carefully tailored her program to their level of grassroots understanding, but yet challenged them to take the next steps toward making a difference. Our members were highly engaged in her presentation, and I thought it was just great.” –Mary Harris, Executive Director, National Association of the Remodeling Industry

Best program ever “You three are terrific. I have been involved with USGBC for seven years, and have attended tons of meetings and conferences. This is the best one ever.” –Sara O’Mara, LEED AP, Choate Construction Company

Our chairman is very pleased “Thanks for all your help in bringing our idea of an educational grassroots DVD into being - our chairman is very pleased and I think it will be a useful tool in convincing our members to break out of their shells and get involved in grassroots. So thanks again for all of your hard work.” –Leslie Nolen, Senior Manager of Grassroots, American Society of Civil Engineers

Not just education, influence “I am happy to shamelessly promote those who help build grassroots capacity among the physician population and get them to understand what needs to occur in order to not just educate, but to influence. Amy and Kelton are two of the best!” –Dianna Ewert, Director, American Academy of Family Physicians

From theory to practice “Amy's session helps to take grassroots from theory to practice, from theory to results. She truly champions grassroots activity.” –Carolyn Hutsen, Member Services Manager, NFIB – Wisconsin

Energy and new ideas “You are the real deal! Your PAC workshop was one of the best presentations I’ve ever heard. Informative, and filled with energy and new ideas. You were a big hit with our members, and you will definitely be invited back.” –Barbara McConnell, Executive Director, Food Industry Association Executives

Professionalism and meticulous style “When the ACC PAC was established in early 2002, we were concerned about our ability to motivate our members. Amy’s reputation was tops in the industry, and while preparing for the meeting I was confident that Amy’s professionalism and meticulous style were a win/win. Not only did she motivate our members, but her presentation was so convincing that 90 percent of our attendees at that first ever PAC fund raising meeting became members at the top giving level.” –Dana Langley Birdsong, Director of Political Action Committee, American College of Cardiology (formerly)

Stretches my thinking “Amy always inspires me to think about grassroots on a higher plane that stretches my thinking and approach.” –Susan Goldberg, Director of Grassroots Advocacy, Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. (formerly)

Nothing but positive comments “Thank you for speaking at our State Leaders Workshop! You were a real hit! We heard nothing but positive comments from our State Chapter Leaders. I am confident that they left motivated and energized to effectively recruit and motivate more audiology advocates.” – Jodi Chappell, Director of Health Care Policy, American Academy of Audiology

I've never seen our state executives so engaged “That was the best presentation I've ever seen! I've never seen our state executives so engaged. Brian always told me I needed to experience one of your workshops. Now I know why.” – Helen Kim, PAC Director, National Propane Gas Association

She made a believer out of me “We never had a speaker like Amy before. I was skeptical that anyone could make this topic interesting, but she presented it in such a way that made a believer out of me.” – Max Isley, Treasurer, National Kitchen and Bath Association

Expertise based on real world experience “I learned how to manage our member's expectations. Amy has expertise based on real world experience.” – Gregory Knopp, ACEC

Enhanced our credibility with candidates and lawmakers “This represented the first time our organization ever achieved this type of attention from candidates during campaign season. Best of all, we did it through real people, thus enhancing our credibility with candidates and lawmakers.” – Catherine Grant, Grassroots Director, National Audubon Society (formerly)

You rock! – John Sloan, Manager of Government Relations and Grassroots Programs, Biotechnology Industry Organization

Engaging, funny, and smart “Amy is engaging, funny and smart. She stayed on track at a reasonable pace. She is chock full of anecdotes about what does and doesn't work. As a result, I will implement a system of more personalized messages to my prospective Key Contacts.” – Linda S. Lucas, Director of Grassroots Advocacy, American Speech Language and Hearing Association

I will use this information to lobby more effectively “The scientific information on why so many people rely on what others are thinking before making a decision was very valuable. I will use this information to lobby more effectively.” – Claude Boudrias, American Chemical Council

New ideas to achieve our goals “This was a fresh look and new ideas to achieve our goals. Today, not only do I feel a new inspiration, but her presentation caught on to the entire group, giving us a better plan to reach greater success.” – Chad Wilson, Program Manager, Nationwide Insurance

Not stopped talking about your presentation “Thank you for speaking at our National RPAC Conference. Our State chapter members and staff have not stopped talking about your presentation regarding the science of persuasion and how it relates to PAC fundraising.” – John E. Ferruggiaro II, Managing Director of Political Field Operations National Association of Realtors

Kept me focused on program goals “Why did PhRMA hire Amy Showalter? We were seeking to hold the PhRMA standard of excellence high and believe that all PhRMA member company grassroots representatives deserve the most effective grassroots expert available. Personally, I enjoyed working with Amy so much because her one-on-one grassroots coaching kept me focused on my program goals. Amy's attention motivated me to fulfill each goal and create long term strategic plans for the future of PhRMA's Grassroots Program.” – Michelle Mason, Director of Alliance Development, Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers Association of America (formerly)

Outstanding job of energizing leaders “The Showalter Group led our Leadership Council through a dynamic program that enabled us to identify the strengths of each member. As a result of the program, the NFIB/Ohio Leadership Council members have already begun to develop ways to work together more effectively. I highly recommend the Showalter Group for any board or organization that is made up of a diverse group of individuals. They did an outstanding job of energizing and drawing together my organization's leaders.” – Roger R. Geiger, State Director, NFIB-Ohio

Wise and on target “Just wanted to follow up and thank you again for the valuable time you spent with the Grassroots Activism team of the Midwest Region on Friday. There is no question that your thoughts and counsel are wise and right on target. We are setting the stage to really grow our ground game, and your input is so important to help us build on the current foundation.” – Jim Buchy, Vice President of Public Policy Midwest Region, NFIB (formerly)

Immediate rapport with our members “Amy immediately established a rapport with our volunteer Federal Political Directors. She gave them the political information they needed and put it in terms that the layperson can understand. They now have a better sense about the importance of grassroots activities and how they can better motivate the troops back home.” – Dave Hebert, Director of Federal Affairs, American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (formerly)

National Non-Profits

Why your teaching is so effective “Working with Amy jumped started our program in both time and impact. It would have taken months, possibly years, to reach the same level had we attempted to launch the initiative without her help.  With her experience and ability to understand our organization’s needs and translate it into action made all the difference. Within 10 months we have registered more than 5,000 active and engaged advocates.–Victoria M. DeFrancesco Soto, Ph.D. , Assistant Dean of Civic Engagement & External Affairs, The University of Texas at Austin | LBJ School of Public Affairs

More than 5,000 active and engaged advocates “Working with Amy jumped started our program in both time and impact. It would have taken months, possibly years, to reach the same level had we attempted to launch the initiative without her help.  With her experience and ability to understand our organization’s needs and translate it into action made all the difference. Within 10 months we have registered more than 5,000 active and engaged advocates.– Annie Peters, CEO, Pet Partners®

A reputation for bringing new insights to the grassroots profession “Amy has a reputation for bringing new insights to the grassroots profession, and her new underdog persuasion findings are very important for grassroots professionals to know and understand. The feedback from a webinar she delivered for our coalition partners was so favorable that I wanted a wider audience of public health professionals to hear her message. Her presentation to a national CDC audience was both engaging and energizing. Amy is different from other grassroots trainers because she tailors her presentations to her audience and speaks to their practical needs.” – Sue Pechilio Polis, Director of External Affairs, Trust For America's Health

Research helped us to increase grassroots membership “We have a diverse grassroots membership with various sub-groups and cultures. Amy conducted research with each sub-group and revealed the message frames and message delivery tactics that are most likely to gain their participation. I refer to the research results frequently when planning our grassroots program initiatives and crafting important grassroots communications. As a result, we have significantly increased our grasstops membership of hospital administrative and physician leaders.” – Morna Smith, PhD, Director of Federal Relations and Health Policy, Nationwide Children's Hospital

Enthusiastic and energetic delivery “On behalf of the Public Affairs Association of Canada, thank you for your presentation at our annual conference. People loved the message and the messenger. Your enthusiasm and energetic delivery made your presentation an entertaining and memorable highlight of our conference. Frankly, I was surprised at who came up to me afterwards and told me how much they enjoyed your presentation and how much they learned from you. I can honestly say you now have a pretty firm fan base north of the border. If a colleague asked me today to recommend a speaker on grassroots, I would tell them there is no one better than Amy Showalter. She delivers the goods!” – Joe MacDonald, President, The Public Affairs Association of Canada

Her passion and devotion are evident “Amy is a great speaker. As she speaks, her passion and devotion are evident. It is great to spend time with people who love what they do. I am going to use her information to help me in my relationships with my local, state and national elected officials.” – Pete Terry, American Society of Civil Engineers

Enabled me to be a better patient advocate - dynamic speaker “Thank you for being a part of the NPF conference in Boston this year! I enjoyed the three times that you spoke and learned very valuable information that will enable me to be a better patient advocate and lobbyist. You are such a dynamic speaker and really hold the attention of the audience.” – Kathleen Gallant Brickley, National Psoriasis Foundation

New ideas and new ways to think creatively “I have been to numerous grassroots/advocacy training seminars and they tend to be advocacy 101 with little or no information from which to grow or improve your grassroots network. You presented new ideas, new ways of looking at the familiar and new ways to think creatively about the challenges of keeping our grassroots advocates informed and interested in participating in our agenda.” – Jane Weirich, Regional Advocacy Manager, American Cancer Society

Great at getting group participation “Amy has tremendous verbal skills, is very energetic and is great at getting group participation. She was adept at including our thoughts into the course material.” – Richard Reeves Hine, Assistant Attorney General, State of Connecticut, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International

I could listen to Amy all day “I could listen to Amy all day – she is always good, regardless of the topic.” – Robin Camcho, American Heart Association, Western State Affiliates

Even better “I saw you a year ago and thought you were good. I didn't know you could get any better, but you are even better than you were a year ago!” – Robin Rice, American Heart Association

Focus saved the project “We were depressed and beat. Your focus and humor saved this project!” – Renee Smith, Project Manager, American Heart Association

Good style and energy “Amy has a good delivery style and energy. Her tips on recruitment and retention of volunteers was very valuable. I’m going to use this information to shape the organization’s volunteer management efforts.” – Katherine Krause, Vice President, Advocacy, American Heart Association (formerly)

Relates to people from all walks of life “Amy Showalter is outstanding. She has the special ability to relate to people from all walks of life and political persuasions by effectively using motivation, interaction with the audience, as well as process to achieve organizational goals. Top ratings at our national conference from our very active and vociferous grassroots volunteers.” – John Glaser, Director Community Outreach Services, National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare

Thorough and thoughtful approach “Amy's thorough and thoughtful approach to coaching enabled me to deliver a major presentation with great success and high-impact results. Amy challenged me to highlight key points with proven techniques instead of just saying words. I've never delivered a presentation with so much confidence and credibility. As a result of this presentation, I have unprecedented support for my strategic plan and am working to build a movement within our grassroots program.” – Sue Pechilio Polis, Director of External Affairs, Trust For America's Health

Love of grassroots comes through “I enjoyed your presentation to our state advocacy staff. Your love of grassroots comes through with every word of your presentation. I will think of you on those tough days--'how would Amy handle this situation?'” – Rich Couch, American Lung Association, New York Affiliate

Unique way of presenting new information “I have always been very active in politics by holding fundraisers in my home. I really did not think that I would have a lot to learn from this workshop. However, Amy has such a unique way of presenting new information. I gained new insights that will make me even more effective in building relationships with my elected officials.” – Joy Myers, National Audubon Society

Every time I learn something new “I first heard Amy speak when I began my government relations career right out of college. As a part of my next job, I attended a staff development session she conducted. I then heard her conduct a Key Contact training. Every time I hear Amy speak, I learn something new.” – Robert Davis, Grassroots Coordinator, American Cancer Society (formerly)

Your work is now a model for us to use “Thanks for all the work you did with the Ohio Coalition. Your work is now a model for us to use in other states.” – David Kelly, Assistant Director, Office of Government Affairs, U.S. DOT (former Program Manager, National Safety Council)

State Associations

Constructive discussion about PAC strategy “I enjoyed having a more constructive discussion about PAC strategy as opposed to the session being a ‘how to.' Amy’s conversation about loss framing and the importance of having a narrative when raising PAC funds was very valuable.” –Justin Thames, Director of Government Affairs, Florida Institute of CPAs

Tangible takeaways we can start using right away “Thanks for a great session, Amy! Your customized approach made our four hours together very beneficial and provided tangible takeaways we can start using right away to increase PAC fundraising results.” –Barbara Benton, Vice President of Government Affairs, Ohio Society of CPAs

The best presentation I've heard in 36 years “I want you to know that your session was absolutely the best that I have ever encountered in my 36 years in association management...not just the best, the most practical and useful! Thanks again for a tremendous session.”–Max Cook, President and CEO, Missouri Bankers Association

Got us thinking and motivated “Amy is an excellent speaker and facilitator! She did an outstanding job getting us thinking and motivated.”–Matt Blubaugh, Cornerstone Credit Union League

Focuses on Value “Amy taught us how to focus on the value of what we do, rather than reiterating the deliverables.” –Eric Brown, Colorado Corn Growers Association

One of the highest ranked programs and had the most buzz, candor and humor “During our annual conference, Amy was effective at conceptualizing, developing, and educating our members about why and how to improve their grassroots program.  Her session was one of our highest ranked programs and had the most buzz prior to our event. Amy stands out as a resource because of her keen understanding of marketing principles and practical application to government relations. During our program she demonstrated candor and a sense of humor, making others feel comfortable to participate and share their opinions.” –Shane Yates, CAE, CMP, Executive Director, Ohio Society of Association Executives

Kept our interest and was fun “Amy's examples kept our interest and were fun. They also helped greatly in our understanding of how to better communicate with legislators. She was excellent at keeping this presentation informative, yet informal, which most speakers fail to do. It made her talk a ‘10’.” –James Campbell, M.D., West Virginia University, Department of Internal Medicine

The audience was left wanting more “Our association executives need turnkey ideas that are easily implemented. Amy’s presentation on how to be a motivating team leader was full of immediate, actionable tips. Amy was very engaging and kept the attention of our attendees. Before we knew it the hour was up, and the audience was left wanting more.” –Tiffany Shepherd, CAE, President, Kansas City Society of Association Executives, Deputy Director, American Institute of Architects, Kansas City Chapter

Invaluable insights “Amy really helped keep the meeting rolling. Her insights were invaluable!”–Stephen Lark, Communication Federal Credit Union

Tips are applicable… Resonate(s) with the listener “After Dr. Rhoads’ workshop on developing compelling stories, I used his formula and in less than 30 minutes, came up with four stories that I can use to clearly and persuasively communicate with legislators. His tips are applicable for persuading policy makers, as well as recruiting grassroots advocates. I learned it's not just having a story, but its construction and delivery that make it resonate with the listener.” –Besty Vetter, Director, Government Relations, American Heart Association

Applications for my whole life! “Amy’s workshop on ways to gain volunteer loyalty was my favorite. I think it has applications for my whole life. The content was fantastic.” –Angel Genio, Michigan Corn Growers Association

Showed how we can use narrative for advocacy “I loved how Amy tied in how we can use narrative and story in our own advocacy efforts. Amy engaged us and prompted our input with good questions.”–Carolyn Jordan, Neighborhood Credit Union

Excellent as always! “I learned how to sell our value to our non-advocacy peers and to always reinforce the results and resources we bring to the table.” –Nicholas Oliver, American Heart Association, Rhode Island Affiliate

Very Good Perspective “I found Amy's process for identifying how to build high output grassroots through mobilizations and the 'how to really screw up an action alert' exercise a very good perspective. Her explanation on how to use loss framing, contrast, and exclusivity was very helpful. I will use this information in my grassroots promotional material.” –Tom Sri, National Federation of Independent Business

Awesome! “Amy that was awesome! Everyone needs to hear this message.” – David Reed, CAE, President and CEO, Maryland Tourism Council

Superb “All the reviews on your presentation about building a grassroots team and Underdog Influence were superb. Thank you!” – Juan E. Fernandez Ceballos, Vice President, Governmental Affairs, Credit Union Association of New Mexico

Rock star facilitation skills “Amy's broad background in government relations and grassroots coordination, as well as her rock-star facilitation skills really added punch to a recent meeting of government relations staff from associations across the Western United States. Throughout the meeting, she was able to keep the conversation moving along, while at the same time adding colorful examples and best practices observed from other industries all adding tremendous value to the program!” – Stacy Augustine, Vice President & General Counsel, Northwest Credit Union Association

Most interesting message ever “You are one of the most interesting people we've ever heard from and your underdog edge message was the most interesting ever, as well.” – Pat Rochford, RN, New York State Nurses Association

Awesome and quite entertaining “Amy is awesome and quite entertaining in her PAC presentation on how to just ask!” – Bette McTamney, President Elect, Pennsylvania Association of Realtors®

Our members loved her “We loved having Amy and our members loved her!” – Sylvia Lacerda, Political Affairs Manager, Pennsylvania Association of Realtors®

Every time I hear her I learn something new “I've heard Amy speak several times, and every time I hear her I learn something new that I can apply to my work. As a result, we asked Amy to deliver workshops on the science of relationship-building to our member hospital executives. They are accustomed to a high level of content and motivation, and Amy did not disappoint.” – James Iacobellis, Vice President, Government Relations, Connecticut Hospital Association

Enthusiasm spreads to the audience “You are a very dynamic speaker and your enthusiasm appears to easily spread throughout the audience. I personally took away some very helpful tips. Rizza told us you were great, and now we know this fact for ourselves!” – Ellis C. Fields, Executive Director, Mental Health Association of Central Carolinas, Inc.

Thanks for the motivation “I really got a lot out of Amy's teleclass on recognition, especially the altercasting technique. It reminds you what a personal business we are all in. Thanks for the motivating seminar. Sometimes it just takes someone else asking you to sit down for an hour and think about this information. I will definitely use the ideas in both my PAC fundraising and our grassroots program. We have very aggressive goals for both programs this year and didn't have any fresh ideas on how to get there. Now, we do.” – Sandra Westerman, Vice President of Public Affairs, St. Paul Chamber of Commerce

Helped me prepare for new responsibilities “I credit you, in part, with helping me to be prepared for my new responsibilities. The trainings I have participated in with you, the resources on your web site and just generally being able to observe how you carry yourself in your role, have all influenced me greatly over the past several years. So thank you, and keep up the outstanding work!” – Maureen Cassidy, Vice President, Advocacy, American Heart Association, Greater Midwest Affiliate

Talk was a 10 “Amy's examples kept our interest and were fun. They also helped greatly in our understanding of how to better communicate with legislators. She was excellent at keeping this presentation informative, yet informal, which most speakers fail to do. It made her talk a '10.'” – James Campbell, M.D., West Virginia University, Department of Internal Medicine

Ability to relate to our staff “You were right on the money yesterday! Your ability to relate to our credit union staff was immense. You were the talk of the afternoon, as we were given many kudos for having you come down. There are few motivators in my life, and I can say you are one of them.” – Christopher Kemm, Vice President, Colorado Credit Union Association

70% increase in PAC revenue “Our consultations with Amy opened up a whole new era for our PAC fundraising campaigns. She helped us realize we could reach our goal with a systematic, persuasive approach to PAC recruitment. As a result, we achieved a 70% increase in revenue, our largest ever. Our average corporate contribution increased by 400%, which helped us surpass our goal several months in advance. Her philosophy changed the entire outlook of our PAC. It also changed the structure, as we added staff and increased our PAC budget.” – Rachel R. Wanner, CHPAC Administrator, California Hospital Association

Appeals to an audience with different levels of expertise “Amy did a terrific job of engaging our insurance industry grassroots network and providing them with practical steps on how to build relationships with legislators, particularly off-session and during an election year. We received great feedback from our lobbyists, as well as, new recruits and seasoned grassroots folks. It's difficult to appeal to an audience with different levels of political involvement, but she really pulled it off!” – Carole Walker, Executive Director, Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association

Innovative approach “Our advocates are very diverse in capabilities and experience, which requires an innovative approach to advocacy training and motivation. Amy is able to bring a pragmatic, baseline understanding of advocacy to new folks, while energizing old hands with new ideas and insight -- not an easy task. Our Board members loved Amy's approach to understanding legislative motivation and achieving success in advocacy. Amy is a ball of energy!” – Renee Cummings, Director Membership & Grassroots Development, AOPHA

Changed our perspective “Our Executive MBA students' expectations about the importance of addressing and being able to impact political issues were very low. Your presentation and lively discussion with them had a marked effect on changing their perspectives about the way in which they can truly manage the legislative process to benefit the interests of their organizations.” – Dennis N. Ulrich, Ph.D., Director, Executive Development Programs, Kent State University Graduate School of Management

A ball of energy - held everyone's attention “Amy sure is a ball of energy. She certainly has a passion for what she does and in my opinion is very good at what she does. She didn't have any problem in holding everyone's attention through out the presentation. I plan to try and put some of her information to work.” – David Finney, Kentucky Farm Bureau Federation

Connected very well with our members “What a great program! You connected very well with our members. The evaluations from our attendees have been very positive.” – Derenda Updegrave, Government Affairs Director, Pennsylvania Association of Realtors

Impressive material “Very impressive material… you truly are an innovator. This comes as no surprise to me.” – Dr. Craig Fleisher, Author, “Assessing, Managing and Maximizing Public Affairs Performance” and “Public Affairs Benchmarking”

Livened up the fly-in “I really enjoyed your presentation at the ASAE Legislative Fly-In! I thought you were great, very knowledgeable and quite spunky which definitely livened up the Fly-In.” – Tara E. Wolicki, Director of Legislative Affairs & Special Events, Michigan Society of Association Executives

Your class was even more than I thought it would be “I really enjoyed your presentation at Institute. I was looking forward to your class, and it was more that I even thought it would be! As a former aide to a governor, congressman, and mayor, I needed to learn effective lobbying techniques and appreciate learning from experienced professionals like you.” – Brett Allred, Vice President, Government Relations, Arlington Texas Chamber of Commerce

Average individual PAC contribution jumped 300% “As a result of your “Principles of PAC Persuasion” presentation, our average individual PAC contribution jumped 300%! I attribute this to the solid ethical persuasion skills our members gleaned from your talk.” – Holly Reed, Coordinator, Political Affairs, Connecticut Association of Realtors

Concise, entertaining, and fun “Thank you for your presentation at the OSAE Annual Conference. I enjoyed the program this time just as much as the first time I heard it, and I even picked up some new points! You two [Annie Gallagher] do a great job of presenting your material in a concise, entertaining manner and you're fun to listen to also.” – Christopher A. Moore, Director of Dental Services, Ohio Dental Association

Enthusiasm is contagious “Amy's enthusiasm is contagious. I will use this information in formalizing our PAC member appreciation program. It's a great topic. I wish we had more time.” – Callie Jill Denton, Public Affairs Manager, Kansas Trial Lawyers Association

Advanced approach to grassroots beyond 'do's and don'ts' “As a result of Amy’s insights, we will be able to be even more effective in our grassroots and PAC work. Amy brings a unique, advanced approach to grassroots and PAC development beyond the traditional “do's and don'ts” that everyone has heard before.” – Melissa Abel, Director, Governmental Affairs, Indiana Association of Realtors

Terrific resource - made significant differences in our efforts “Amy, you are a terrific resource and a great person to work with. I enjoyed the work we did together and I want you to know it made a significant difference in our efforts. This morning, I just finished sending a number of thank you notes to CEOs who made personal contacts with a legislator regarding an important bill. We achieved our desired outcome because of these contacts. The positive response from learning the outcome and being thanked is overwhelming, proving the truth of another Amy-ism!” – Art Sponseller, President and CEO, Hospital Council of Northern & Central California

Never heard the issue addressed that way “The best piece of information I received was Amy’s tip on “pushing back” when members want to 'undo' something that is effective in fundraising. I have never heard the issue addressed that way before. This time I understand the level of effectiveness it can have.” – Pat Pullara, COO, Greater Northwest Indiana Association of Realtors, Inc.

Learned more in one day than years on the job “Our consultation was so worthwhile! I learned more about grassroots from you in one day than I have all the years on my job.” – Kate Rooney, Vice President, Retail Association of Massachusetts (formerly)

Includes participants in her workshops “I found most valuable Amy's strategies and solutions to common problems we all have. I will utilize this and pass it on to our communications staff, as well. She has good communication skills, and great material that is well presented. She includes the participants in her workshops.” – Buddy Jennings, South Carolina Farm Bureau

Everyone loved it 100% higher attendance “Everybody LOVED the RPAC “How to be a Motivating Team Leader” training yesterday. You were great, everyone learned a lot. Your presentation was a great draw this year, it brought 100% more attendees from the previous year when you spoke.” – Holly Reed, Political Fundraising Coordinator, Connecticut Association of Realtors

Huge amount of talent “We were impressed with your knowledge of grassroots advocacy. You added a huge amount of talent and value to our conference.” – Eric Burkland, President, Ohio Manufacturer’s Association

Increased network and coalition members “We watched the light bulbs go on as my grassroots networkers listened to Amy and took part in her activities. I now have a network of more assertive recruiters, more effective networkers, with more happy and rewarded volunteers that are sticking around. We had a coalition of 20 with a network of 50. After working with Amy, we have a coalition of 75 and a network of 500.” – Sarah Mikesell Growney, Director, Wyoming Tobacco Use Prevention (formerly)

Great ability to engage the audience “Amy taught me to survey and screen our grassroots advocates as well as measure and prioritize my efforts. I am going to survey members to determine which legislators they know, and better prioritize my grassroots efforts. She has a great ability to engage the audience with facts from her own research, stories, visuals, humor and excellent speaking skills.” – William S. Schultz, Louisiana Retailers Association

Customized her talk “We appreciated how you customized your talk. You made the science of persuasion applicable not only to PAC fundraising, but to the real estate profession, as well.” – Timothy Calnen, Vice President of Government Affairs, Connecticut Association of Realtors, Inc.

Engaging speaker and quick thinker “The discussion of recruitment and retention competencies was very valuable. I am planning to incorporate this information into our department's annual planning session. Amy is an engaging speaker and a quick thinker. She covered a broad amount of information in a short time.” – Brad Lowrey, Virginia Farm Bureau

Motivation and insight “Your discussion cut through the excuses and provided both motivation and insight for how to encourage political participation at the grassroots level in our member companies.” – Doug Cruce, President, Michigan Insurance Federation

Personalized the program “Amy’s ability to personalize the program to fit our specific needs was terrific. Our members left enthused about not only our grassroots program but the legislative process in general.” – Amy Mignogna, Ohio Society of CPA’s

I'm rejuventated and refocused “I wanted to thank you for providing such an inspirational, informative presentation at the AAA State Leaders Workshop in San Antonio. As a state leader I often struggle to get members active and interested in our grassroots efforts. From your insights, I realize now that it is because they do not know what EXACTLY is expected of them. I went home with a list of things to do for our state organization. I am rejuvenated, refocused, and ready to put your 'Commandments for Grassroots Mobilizations' into place.” – Karen Jacobs, Chairman of American Academy of Audiology State Leaders Network, President, Michigan Academy of Audiology

Practical, hands-on ideas for busy professionals “I was encouraged and inspired by this presentation. Thank you, Amy! Your presentation was quite beneficial to those of us 'in the trenches,' because it supplied practical, hands-on ideas for busy professionals that will help us become a stronger political voice. As someone who has experienced some measure of Washington D.C. politics, I felt that you communicated the reality there and the results if we don't get involved.” – Freda Blevins, Missouri State Director, Educational Theatre Association

Thought she worked for us “Excellent! Amy customized her presentation so much, I thought she worked for us.” – Ballard Cassady, Kentucky Bankers Association

Tailored her workshop “Amy tailored her workshop to meet the particular needs and challenges we are facing. A very practical workshop. I especially appreciated her insights on the best ways to make sure advocates feel like they have authority and confidence.” – Rachel Webb, Government Relations, University of Kentucky

Advanced approach to advocacy “Amy presents an advanced approach to advocacy. She knows what peer reviewed research is and integrates it into her presentation. Her information on how to avoid being biased and avoiding authority traps when talking to legislatures was very valuable. I loved the videos!” – Jeanne McCauley, M.D., Johns Hopkins School of Medicine