About You

Has your PAC or grassroots program plateaued, and needs to be reinvigorated?

Do you have “support” for your government relations work but still experience entrenched internal opposition to your PAC and grassroots involvement efforts?

Are your stakeholders (or are you) experiencing issue fatigue?

Do your volunteers respond less frequently to calls to action on issues that clearly impact them?

Do you conduct grassroots or PAC training workshops but fail to see measurable results?

All of our clients have experienced one or more of these challenges, and we collaborated to turn them into opportunities. As you can see from our client list, we have a diverse client base. All of them share the following characteristics:

Long-Term Culture Change – Our clients know that creating allegiance to their cause requires more than “quick fix” solutions and clever slogans. They understand this is a long-term process and are willing to do the homework and make the investment to succeed. Over 85% of our long-term clients experience an increase in their budget, human resources, and senior management recognition during and after our collaborations.

Evidence-Based Approach – They want to test assumptions about their internal and external grassroots and PAC influence challenges. Our extensive collection of proprietary research, as well as numerous primary client research projects, provides certainty as new initiatives are launched.

Accountability – There is a willingness to be accountable and show the ROI for the government relations function and grassroots and / or PAC work in particular.

Focus on Excellence – These organizations are willing to examine what is working, as well as what’s not working, to improve their results. They are comfortable being challenged and (temporarily) uncomfortable.

Results-Oriented – They know that action does not equal results — it’s about the end result, not just “doing more stuff.”