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Is "improving your communication skills" one of your development goals for 2023? Every time you speak or deliver a presentation, you are auditioning for leadership.  How are your auditions received?  Does your new position require you to deliver presentations to more internal and external audiences?  Are you tired of being "interesting" and want to be inspirational and persuasive on the platform?
If you answered "yes" to any questions above, you need to join Amy in Washington, D.C. on May 10 for her popular "Persuasive Presentation Skills for Government Affairs Staff" workshop.
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Velocity Research Data & Analytics

Velocity Research Data
& Analytics

As one TSG client exclaimed : “Dr. Rhoads is smart, and Amy has grassroots and PAC street smarts, which is a winning combination!” The combination of Dr. Rhoads’ scientific expertise and Amy Showalter’s real world grassroots advocacy and PAC implementation strategies ensure that clients can execute the research findings to accelerate their results.

Your research methodology matters, because it determines whether you can reliably use the findings for your future advocacy or PAC message strategies. We conduct focus groups, descriptive data analysis, as well as our highly regarded predictive analytics research, Velocity Data & Analytics to help you separate the signal from the noise.

Consistent PAC growth despite industry conditions “At International Paper, our culture encourages us to harness the best data and processes available to improve our results across our business units. As that relates to the IP PAC, I believe it’s important to consistently assess the attitudes of our contributors and non-contributors so that we can adjust our messaging accordingly. We have collaborated with Amy and Dr. Rhoads for years because their approach works! It’s not generic research, but highly collaborative and customized. Our PAC has consistently grown despite the ups and downs of the
global economy and industry conditions.”

• Meaghan Joyce, Senior Manager, Political and Advocacy Strategy
International Paper

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