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Do You Want Legislative Results or Legislative Activity?

The 2023 Grassroots Influence Pulse (GRIP®)

It’s interesting to know “what everyone’s doing” in grassroots advocacy, but as your mom probably told you, you shouldn’t do something just because everyone else is doing it. You are too busy to “do grassroots stuff” that doesn’t lead to legislative success.

The 2023 Grassroots Influence Pulse (GRIP®) research findings will tell you what “everyone’s doing” but more important, which of those tactics lead to legislative success, which will help you use your time toward legislative results, rather than legislative activity. .

In 2013, my colleague Dr. Kelton Rhodes and I initiated the Grassroots Influence Pulse® research to determine trends in grassroots advocacy tactics and legislator behavior, which tactics are correlated with legislative success, and most important, the tactics that predict legislative success.

We’ve asked numerous types of questions over the years and estimated that the 2023 GRIP® could have as many as 5,000 findings! However, we control for false positives in our research by using a methodology that allows us to find the independent variables that matter most — those that lead to grassroots persuasion and legislative success.

Amy Showalter is available to speak to your organization about the findings and how to apply them to elevate your grassroots and PAC performance and results. Send her an email here.

In the 2023 GRIP® research, you’ll learn:

  • NEW! Whether the type of grassroots messenger you engage matters to your legislative success, and how most organizations are deploying their most effective messengers
  • NEW! The highly hyped medium for grassroots communications that only 4% deem “effective”
  • NEW! Was the practice of halting PAC contributions correlated positively or negatively with legislative success?
  • NEW! The impact of virtual advocacy – the surprising findings on its efficacy and lack of it
  • NEW! The impact of your PAC on legislative success —– are organizations with large PACs more or less successful than those with smaller PACs, or no PAC?
  • NEW! PAC contributors — is having more PAC contributors associated with legislative success?
  • Trends in the grassroots mediums that advocacy professionals most frequently encourage advocates to use, and which ones actually lead to success. SPOILER ALERT: they aren’t the same
  • What about regulatory influence?  What tactics are organizations using, what’s working and what’s not?
  • The trends in specific legislator behaviors, and how they have and haven’t changed since  our first GRIP research in 2013
  • Whether recruiting grassroots advocates is harder or easier and the factors contributing to successful (and unsuccessful) recruitment
  • The “reality check” that most organizations are experiencing regarding legislative relationships and the sad state of Key Contact programs
  • What’s not changing – the stable findings from four GRIP studies that have remained remarkably constant over almost a decade of research

It’s very valuable to know what’s working in grassroots advocacy today. . . .learn it and proceed accordingly. You can order the report topline below.

NOTE: The GRIP research has been published since 2013. You can access copies of the previous report published in 2020 here.