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Is "improving your communication skills" one of your development goals for 2023? Every time you speak or deliver a presentation, you are auditioning for leadership.  How are your auditions received?  Does your new position require you to deliver presentations to more internal and external audiences?  Are you tired of being "interesting" and want to be inspirational and persuasive on the platform?
If you answered "yes" to any questions above, you need to join Amy in Washington, D.C. on May 10 for her popular "Persuasive Presentation Skills for Government Affairs Staff" workshop.
Register soon, we intentionally limit attendance to 10 people to allow for customized instruction and learning.

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Speaking, training, facilitation

Speaking, Training, Facilitation

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No one can do what Amy does “As we built the foundation of our new grassroots program, we knew our franchisees would be the most valuable part of it. They are a willing audience, but we needed to train them for the unique needs of grassroots organizing in a corporate franchised system. Amy kept them engaged, provided hands-on coaching and new tactics to help them be successful at influencing policymakers and their franchise colleagues. No one else can do what Amy does because she understands corporate and political realities as well as how to bring out the best from our grassroots leaders.”

Mary Schell
Former Chief Public Affairs Officer
The Wendy’s Company, Inc.
Chair, Board of Trustees, Miami University – OH

Amy Showalter and Jeff HebbAmy knows your audience learns through interaction. Here she coaches a National Association of REALTORS audience member on how to “set the scene” when sharing an advocacy story.

Amy and Scooter at Texas RealtorsOne of the “perks of my work” is meeting inspiring audience members like Scooter, a WW II Special Forces veteran, who attended the Texas Association of REALTORS® annual PAC convention.

Customized Staff, Advocate and PAC Leader Workshops & Keynotes
(virtual or in-person)
  • Can You Hear Me Now? Rising Above the Noise by Raising your Personal and Organizational Credibility Quotient (CQ)

I was truly impressed with the preparation Amy put into our session. The presentation was so personalized to our audience that it kept the committee fully engaged for the entire time. Would highly recommend working with Amy when looking to train and inspire advocates.”


Anne Thompson
Director of PAC and Political Strategy
National Corn Grower’s Association


  • What’s Your Story? How to Use the Power of Narrative for PAC Fundraising Success

“I volunteer as a PAC Champion, and share my PAC story with peers to help fundraise. I felt like I was hitting a wall with my story, so I reached out to Amy and she practically made herself available immediately to listen and provide great direction and feedback. She was able to give purpose to my story and most importantly, made me feel confident that the story is meaningful. What a great resource!”

Andrew Argoblast
International Paper

“Thank you! You and your coaching session pulled out far more from me than I thought I could say!”

PAC Recruiter
Fortune 500 Manufacturing Corporation

“I have been at this company for 30 years, so I’ve heard it all. I’ve been to a lot of training workshops. This is one of the, if not the, best one I’ve ever attended. Thank you so much!”

PAC Recruiter
Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical Company

“Your story coaching was amazing. Very helpful!”

PAC Recruiter
Fortune 500 Manufacturing Corporation

  • Get Real: How to Harness the Science of Authentic Personal and Organizational Advocacy Communication
  • The Underdog Edge: What It Is, How To Get It, and Why You Need It for Persuasion Success

The Underdog Edge is is a remarkable book that sheds light on the advantages of being
an underdog 
“I adore this book! It’s a must-read for anyone who aspires to make a positive impact on the world they inhabit. Amy Showalter, the author, not only teaches us how to thrive in everyday stressful situations but also guides us in persuading others to join our cause even when all hope seems lost. She emphasizes the importance of embracing the belief that achieving something we have never had often requires taking
actions we’ve never done before.”

William Canary, J.D.

Former president and CEO of the American Trucking Associations and Business Council of Alabama
Author, “LEAD ER SHIP; No Regrets. No Retreats”

Information Provided is Priceless “The Underdog Edge information that you provided to our students is priceless and something that every public affairs professional should have in their tool kit. Moreover the “on-the-ground” accounts are such an effective learning tool and why your teaching is so effective – you are able to provide theory, data, and first-hand illustrations. You’re a professor at heart!”

Dr. Victoria De Francesco Soto

Dean, Clinton School of Public Service, University of Arkansas
Director of Civic Engagement, LBJ School of Public Affairs, UT Austin

Amazing! “Great fundraising tips on steroids! We could listen to you for four more hours. There is a lot that you shared which we can use. Amazing!”

Nancy Garcia
1st Vice Chairman
Texas REALTORS ® Political Action Committee

  • The Grassroots Influence Pulse (GRIP®): The Trends and Tactics That Predict Legislative Results (proprietary TSG research findings)
  • How to Communicate and Build Trust with Hostile Audiences. . . . . . . .and Live to Tell About It
  • Message Framing: Capturing the Pre-persuasion Battleground
  • The Seven Deadly Sins of Influence Campaigns
  • Why Winners Win: How Fortune’s “Power 25” Find, Keep and Motivate Quality Grassroots Volunteers (proprietary TSG research results)

Absolutely the Best “I want you to know that your ABA session was absolutely the best that I have ever encountered in my 36 years in association management…not just the best, the most practical and useful! Thanks again for a tremendous session.”

Max Cook
President & CEO
Missouri Bankers Association

  • Persuasion Tactics that Change Legislators’ Minds (proprietary TSG research results)

Can bring folks of all political stripes together “Amy has led grassroots advocacy training workshops for our industry’s top advocates on numerous occasions and she never disappoints. Her messages, tips and tricks for successful advocacy are hugely valuable, and impactful, for the most experienced of advocates, as well as the newbies. One such advocate recently said, ‘Amy takes fun, real-world examples and distils them into tried-and-true messages focusing on the often-forgotten importance of relationships.’ Another conveyed that it was the best communications training he’d ever received which would benefit him, not just as an advocate working with policymakers, but also in the workplace. In a politically charged world, Amy has the right message and approach that can bring folks of all political stripes together.”

Michael Lee
Senior Manager, Government Affairs
Golf Course Superintendents Association of America

  • Avoiding the Unintended Consequences of Influence Campaigns
  • Online Chatters to Doing What Matters: How to Get Your Stakeholders Off Their Computers and On the Streets
  • It’s What You Say and How You Say It: Persuasive Presentation Skills for Government Affairs Staff and Volunteers

I really enjoyed this and would highly recommend it and hope to come back again.  There was a lot of value, and the content on why our biography and introduction are so important was especially helpful.”

Anne Thompson
National Corn Growers Association

I found most valuable how to grab people’s attention and keep them engaged.  It was really informational and I enjoyed learning more about how to speak to other types of audiences.”

Thomas Mills
Director, Federal Affairs
CropLife America

The content was helpful and practical.  It is evident that Amy wants to help others, and she models what she teaches and facilitates.

Kimberly Carole
Director, Legislative Affairs
Civilian Air Patrol

Excellent, worthwhile, and great preparation for upcoming events.  I really liked the information on the turnkey way to structure a presentation. I liked the small group setting and opportunity for everyone to get feedback and be heard.”

Dorian Wanzer
Manager, Political Affairs
International Paper

  • From Activity to Achievement: Next Level Government Relations Metrics that Matter
  • How to Survive and Thrive When Advocating to Hostile Audiences

Likable, trustworthy and entertaining ”The AANA has worked with Amy for three years now, and she never disappoints. She is a phenomenal speaker who our members find likable, trustworthy and entertaining. Amy includes personal experiences and stories into her presentations which help to convey advocacy topics she drives home. Her knowledge and work on grassroots advocacy and expertise in PAC contributions help our members become energized and ready for the years ahead. Amy also adds a personal touch to her presentations by reaching out to our own members directly to obtain information on topics that are near and dear to our profession’s heart. Amy has been extremely flexible with the COVID-19 pandemic and has worked with our ever changing formats to accommodate our needs either virtually or live. We look forward to having Amy back in the coming years!”

Jennifer M. Varhalla
Manager, Professional Development
American Association of Nurse Anesthetists

What’s the Business Case for a Presentation by Amy Showalter?

We know you have to justify every meeting investment. It is imperative for government relations professionals to show a training ROI. Here’s how we help you get the most for your investment.

1. Willingness to Measure Training Results – Amy knows that you put your reputation on the line every time you hire a speaker. The goal of her presentation is behavior change, and she will measure the “before and after” habits of your attendees to ascertain the true ROI of your training investment.

2. Audience Recognition — Amy will interview your meeting attendees in advance so that she can feature their successes and challenges during the presentation. This makes your meeting participants an integral part of the presentation, and provides meaningful recognition to your star volunteers.

3. Thought Leadership — Amy’s insights have been featured in over 500 publications.  Her blog “Politicking the Bottom Line” appears on, and her work has been featured on CNNMoney,, and Politico. She is also the author of five books, including The Underdog Edge: How Ordinary People Change the Minds of the Powerful… and Live to Tell About It (Morgan James), and The Art and Science of the BFF: 105 Ways to Build Relationships on The Hill, at The State House, and in City Hall which has sold over 17,000 copies.

4. Amy Has Been a Government Relations Practitioner — Amy is the only grassroots expert who has actually led a highly esteemed grassroots organization which was ranked as one of the top two in the nation. (Grefe & Linsky, The New Corporate Activism) She knows about the challenges of gaining internal supporters, internal politics, and implementing new programs because she has lived through them.

5. Proprietary Content — Our methodology, strategies and techniques are based on primary research and are not in the public domain. This helps clients execute evidence-based strategies for long term success. Amy feels great when an audience member (usually a government relations professional) says: “When I hear Amy speak, I always learn something new.”

6. Focus on Creating Internal Evangelists — Amy’s methodology empowers and equips your stakeholders to create the momentum and motivation you need to propel your movement. By having them share their persuasive PAC narratives or their grassroots story, Amy helps your stakeholders multiply their impact.

Why Do Some Advocacy
Stories Persuade and
Some Fall Flat?

Amy shares with her audience why some advocacy stories persuade and some fall flat.  Contact her to
discuss how she can equip and empower your advocates, PAC recruiters, staff, and leaders to
communicate powerful stories:, (513) 762-7668

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