Amy ShowalterWhat do International Paper, Southwest Airlines, Monsanto, Buffalo Wild Wings, the American Society of Civil Engineers, and the Consumer Healthcare Products Association have in common? They have all turned to Amy Showalter for her expertise and motivation to elevate their government relations influence. Amy is a grassroots and PAC influence expert who founded The Showalter Group to help associations and corporations increase their grassroots and PAC effectiveness. In fact, over 85% of her long term consulting clients have experienced an increase in budget, staff, and senior management recognition after collaborating with Amy.

She and her husband, Randy Boyer, co-exist with their Siberian Husky rescue Jackson, Eli, a rescue Papillion, and certified therapy dog, Finnegan, in the greater Cincinnati area. Finn and Amy are regular visitors at the Cincinnati Ronald McDonald House, local library and elementary school reading programs, and the Kid’s Club Special Needs Ministry at Crossroads Community Church.

You can find her at @AmyShowalter  and on LinkedIn.

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“I love what you said. . .'Where you are is who you were.”–Gayle King, The Gayle King Show, Oprah Winfrey Radio, Sirius XM Channel 150


“Thank you, Amy, that was brilliant!”–Michael Bower, Producer, KCBS Radio, San Francisco


Underdog Edge

“You are the platinum standard on this topic. Great job!”–Ed Tyell, Host, WEUS 810, Orlando


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  • Enhancing Grassroots Productivity
  • Tips for Creating a True Online Grassroots Community
  • Tips for Managing the “Loose Cannon” Grassroots Activist
  • Do You Know Your Grassroots Activists?
  • Tips for Building Grassroots Loyalty

“Amy you were great! Looking forward to your being on again— and teaching me how to win!”–The Leslie Marshall Show


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Talking politics on the job is good for business

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“Amy, you are a delight!”–The Jim Bohannon Show, Westwood One Radio


Amy has been interviewed on over 50 nationally syndicated and local radio shows, including The Leslie Marshall Show, The Gayle King Show, Jim Blasingame’s Small Business Advocate, and the Bill Cunningham show.