“I love what you said. . .'Where you are is who you were.”–Gayle King, The Gayle King Show, Oprah Winfrey Radio, Sirius XM Channel 150

“Thank you, Amy, that was brilliant!”–Michael Bower, Producer, KCBS Radio, San Francisco

“You are the platinum standard on this topic. Great job!”–Ed Tyell, Host, WEUS 810, Orlando

“Amy you were great! Looking forward to your being on again— and teaching me how to win!”–The Leslie Marshall Show

“Amy, you are a delight!”–The Jim Bohannon Show, Westwood One Radio


Amy shares why talking politics at work is good for business on

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Amy talks about the Underdog Edge on WABC - 8 in Washington, D.C.


Let's Talk Advocacy in 2016 

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NEW! Why legislators view email trust vs. email volume as their new mental shortcut

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Four reasons government relations is a low priority for your organization (and how to fix it)

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3 Ingredients of an Effective PAC Fundraising Appeal 

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 Politicking the Bottom Line:


 Amy shares why candidates need to share specific proposals with voters:

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 Amy shares why likability matters to voters, and what makes a candidate more likable than others:

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Print and Online Media


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Getting Past Gridlock in the Age of Divided Government

Let’s Talk Advocacy in 2016

How To Help Advocacy Resonate with Leaders


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Radio Interviews

Amy has been interviewed on over 50 nationally syndicated and local radio shows, including The Leslie Marshall Show, The Gayle King Show, Jim Blasingame’s Small Business Advocate, and the Bill Cunningham show.

Published Articles

Syndicated Columnist Jane Applegate featured benefits of Showalter’s grassroots political efforts. Jane Applegate’s “Success in Small Business” column reaches 10 million readers a week via newspapers including the Los Angeles Times, The Des Moines Register, San Francisco Business Times, Denver Post, The Orlando Sentinel, Chicago Sun-Times, The Detroit Free Press, and The Atlanta Journal and Constitution.


      • “How to Make Washington Pay Attention”
        Jane Applegate – Business Week Online, September 4, 2001


    • “Getting Involved in Grassroots Political Action”
      Jane Applegate –, August 20, 2001