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What do International Paper, Pet Partners, Southwest Airlines, Bayer, and The Nature Conservancy have in common? They have all turned to Amy Showalter for her expertise and motivation to elevate their government relations influence. Amy is a grassroots and PAC influence expert who founded The Showalter Group to help associations and corporations increase their grassroots and PAC effectiveness. In fact, over 85% of her long term consulting clients have experienced an increase in budget, staff, and senior management recognition after collaborating with Amy.

She has galvanized thousands of grassroots evangelists and staff for her clients who want to advance their cause politically. For nine years she directed the efforts of the highly acclaimed Nationwide Insurance Civic Action Program (CAP). During her tenure, over 2,000 public affairs professionals across the country ranked Nationwide’s program as one of the top two corporate grassroots programs in the country. (Ed Grefe and Martin Linsky, The New Corporate Activism).

Amy’s blog “Politicking the Bottom Line” was published on, and she currently is a columnist for Bloomberg Government and Over 500 media outlets have featured her insights, including the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Times, Politico, CNN,,, and Roll Call. She is the author of “The Underdog Edge: How Everyday People Change the Minds of the Powerful. . . and Live to Tell About It.” (Morgan-James) and “The Art and Science of the BFF: 105 Ways to Build Relationships on the Hill, at the State House, and in City Hall”, which has sold over 16,000 copies. Amy also is the Executive Editor of Creating and Managing an Association Government Relations Program, published by the American Society of Association Executives.

Over 3,000 government relations professionals subscribe to her Roots of Success newsletter. She is the Co-Founder and Producer of Innovate to Motivate ® a conference for veteran political involvement professionals.

Amy Showalter and her fur friend Finn

Amy has served as a faculty member at the U.S. Chamber’s Institute for Organization Management, and as a guest lecturer at George Washington University’s Graduate School of Political Management. Amy has served in several national government relations leadership positions, as a past Chairman of ASAE’s Government Relations Section Council, as a board member of the Washington Area State Relations Group, and the Association of Government Relations Professionals.

Amy has a BA in Political Science from Wright State University and an MSA from Central Michigan University.

She and her husband, Randy Boyer, co-exist with their rescue dog, Eli, and Finnegan, the “mystery dog” in the greater Cincinnati area. Finn is a certified therapy dog, and he and Amy are regular visitors at the Cincinnati Ronald McDonald House and the “Barks and Books” program at the Clermont County Library.

You can find her at @AmyShowalter and on LinkedIn

“Working with Amy jumped started our program in both time and impact. It would have taken months, possibly years, to reach the same level had we attempted to launch the initiative without her help. With her experience and ability to understand our organization’s needs and translate it into action made all the difference. Within 10 months we have registered more than 5,000 active and engaged advocates.”

Annie Peters

| Pet Partners®

“Amy is the absolute best. Not only is she a legend in the grassroots and PAC community, Amy is a genuinely great person. My emails, texts, and in-person conversations with Amy are always upbeat, enlightening, informative, and full of enthusiastic energy. I’d strongly encourage newbies and veterans alike to attend Amy’s I2M meetings and events. They are intimate, informative, and you will leave with new friends and new knowledge. Amy knows how to connect people so they can share their wisdom with others, while taking in the knowledge of peers in a collaborative and fun environment.”

Chazz Clevinger

CEO, One Click Politics
| 2019 & 2020 Reed Award Winner, Best Advocacy Technology Platform

“The Underdog Edge information that you provided to our students is priceless and something that every public affairs professional should have in their tool kit. Moreover the “on-the-ground” accounts are such an effective learning tool and why your teaching is so effective – you are able to provide theory, data, and first-hand illustrations. You’re a professor at heart!”

Dr. Victoria De Francesco Soto

Director of Civic Engagement
| LBJ School of Public Affairs University of Texas at Austin | Dean, Clinton School of Public Service University of Arkansas

“I want you to know that your ABA session was absolutely the best that I have ever encountered in my 36 years in association management...not just the best, the most practical and useful! Thanks again for a tremendous session.”

Max Cook

President & CEO
| Missouri Bankers Association

“Our culture encourages us to harness the best data and processes available to improve our results across our business units. As that relates to the IP PAC, I believe it’s important to consistently assess the attitudes of our contributors and noncontributors so that we can adjust our messaging accordingly. We have collaborated with Amy and Dr. Rhoads for years because their approach works! It’s not generic research, but highly collaborative and customized. Our PAC has consistently grown despite the ups and downs of the global economy and industry conditions.”

Meaghan Joyce

Senior Manager, Political and Advocacy Strategy
| International Paper

Over 900 media outlets have featured Amy’s insights, including:
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Amy has been interviewed on over 50 nationally syndicated and local radio shows, including The Leslie Marshall Show, The Gayle King Show, Jim Blasingame’s Small Business Advocate, and the Bill Cunningham show.

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Meeting people “where they are” is a term you hear frequently. But, before you meet people where they are – you have to do your homework.  Because how you do it, is the real challenge, especially in the PAC space.  In this episode, Micaela Isler and Adam Belmar are joined by one of the great experts on the “how,”  Amy Showalter of the Showalter Group.   Don’t miss the three key questions Amy says PAC managers must be able to say “yes” to in order to succeed.
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Do the research! Meet your audience.  Get to know your members better. Ask ‘em questions like, “How do you know when you’ve hit a home run?” Sharing our frustrations, revelations, successes, and challenges is part of the value of membership in NABPAC.  Amy Showalter joins the podcast for a provocative conversation.

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