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The Art and Science of the BFF

105 Ways to Make Friends on The Hill, at the State House and in City Hall


We have sold over 17,000 copies of this popular resource because it provides a variety of quick, easy to follow tips on how to build legislator relationships. It’s a great gift for your annual lobby day event, PAC contributors, Key Contacts, etc. Pricing is based on print quantity and your desired level of customization. Contact us at or 513-762-7668 for pricing. See sample content here.


“Developing legislator relationships is a grassroots priority for the ASCE. Our members are busy and need quick tips that provide guidance while allowing for their own customized messages. Amy’s “105 Ways to Build Relationships with Your Legislators” helps them do that. With over 100 tips, this resource has something for everyone.”

Leslie Nolen

Director, Educational Activities, Grassroots, American Society of Civil Engineers