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Reading Between the Research Lines: Is Your Social Media Leading to Activism or Slacktivism?

Grassroots Leadership Lessons from the Founders

Part 2: Reading Between the Research Lines: Activities that Influence Congress and Congressional Staff from the 2017 Congressional Communications Report

Part 1: Reading Between the Research Lines: Activities that Influence Congress and Congressional Staff from the 2017 Congressional Communications Report

The Challenges to Executing Your 2018 Government Relations Strategy

Toward the Facts and Away from the Fake: How to Lead Your Stakeholders to the Truth

Does Fear Influence or Immobilize?

Which Tactics Change Legislators’ Minds?

Seven Tips for Making a Lasting Impression with Members of Congress

6 Steps to Increase the Effectiveness of Your Lobby Day Efforts

How to win an argument (by arguing against yourself)

How to build trust with new members of Congress (and people you don’t like)

7 things highly successful advocacy and lobbying organizations know

Who’s Influencing Whom: Are legislators more or less open to persuasion?

The science behind rewards & recognition for political engagement programs

Here’s how the Founding Fathers became history’s most successful grassroots lobbyists

Setting the groundwork for innovative ideas

4 tactics for successful grassroots persuasion backed by science

Trying to boost your grassroots, PAC and lobbying strategies? Try psychology

For advocacy effectiveness, email trust trumps email volume

Why your government relations team will fail in 2016 (and what to do about it)

Influencing a hostile opponent in Washington

Four reasons government relations is a low priority for your organization (and how to fix it)




How NRF Retail Champions Engage Their Underdog Edge for Legislative Advocacy Success


How to Move from Activity to Achievement – the Next Level of Metrics that Matter

Will Obama’s grass roots stand tall?

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Showalter & Rhoads: Mistrust Unavoidable in Grass-Roots Efforts

Nice Guys Finish First – Even When Lobbying

Bailout Vote Offers Lesson in Persuasion Tactics

Interest Groups Rely Too Much on E-mail Advocacy

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Wal-Mart’s New Voter-Drive Initiative Could Backfire

How to build a grassroots network


Tending to Grass Roots – Advocacy has to be customized. One size doesn’t fit all.

Cincinnati Business Courier

Lobbying, even for little guy

Don’t just register voters, create an ‘allegiance’

Business Courier

Business Leaders: Don’t Forget Roots

Grassroots Fundraising Journal

Grassroots Lobbying for Change: Mobilizing Your Community

The Baltimore Sun

Mean What You Wear

The Christian Science Monitor

Politics at work: Can cooler heads prevail?


Managing the Influence Parity Dynamic: Lessons from the Most-Admired Grassroots Organizations

Building Your Team: The State of Grassroots Volunteer Recruitment and Morale

Occupy Wall Street: Do They Have the Underdog Edge?

Social Media – Should It be the Driver or Passenger in your Grassroots Influence Strategy?

Twitter Ties and the Implications for Grassroots Professionals

Does Your Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Drive Register?

From Tension to Trust: Building Relationships Across the Aisle, Part I

From Tension to Trust: How to Build Trusting Relationships with New Legislators, New Advocates and New Colleagues. Part II

“How You Doin’?” – Making the Most of Your Year-End Evaluation

Carpe Colloquium! The Best and Worst Trends in Social Media

Persuasion vs. Pressure: Do You Want Long-Term Influence or Short-Term Coercion?

Building Trust with New Members of Congress: What’s Your TQ (Trust Quotient)?

Grassroots Stateholders and Their Legislators: Who is Influencing Whom? Part 1


What three questions should all PAC leaders be able to answer “yes” to?

Ep 57 Three Questions with Amy Showalter
Facts About PACs Podcast

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