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Is "improving your communication skills" one of your development goals for 2023? Every time you speak or deliver a presentation, you are auditioning for leadership.  How are your auditions received?  Does your new position require you to deliver presentations to more internal and external audiences?  Are you tired of being "interesting" and want to be inspirational and persuasive on the platform?
If you answered "yes" to any questions above, you need to join Amy in Washington, D.C. on May 10 for her popular "Persuasive Presentation Skills for Government Affairs Staff" workshop.
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Our Team

Dr. Kelton Rhoads

Kelton Rhoads, Ph.D., studied and practiced persuasion as an art for years – as a grantwriter, a public relations officer, and a director of marketing and communications – but became increasingly dissatisfied with intuitive approaches to persuasion, and the guesswork utilized by most persuasive “experts.” Seeking a verifiable source of evidence and fact regarding what causes people to change their behaviors, he pursued a doctorate in Social Psychology, specializing in persuasion and compliance.

“Our culture encourages us to harness the best data and processes available to improve our results across our business units. As that relates to the IP PAC, I believe it’s important to consistently assess the attitudes of our contributors and non-contributors so that we can adjust our messaging accordingly.  We have collaborated with Amy and Dr. Rhoads for years because their approach works! It’s not generic research, but highly collaborative and customized. Our PAC has consistently grown despite the ups and downs of the global economy and industry conditions.”

Meaghan Joyce

Senior Manager, Political and Advocacy Strategy , International Paper

Dr. Kelton Rhodes is now an influence consultant based in Los Angeles, California. He has provided training, consulting, and presentations for industry, government and defense agencies, political candidates, credit and banking firms, non-profit philanthropic organizations, educational agencies, public relations firms, and a number of medical entities, helping people apply the principles of influence to real-world situations. His work has been published in a variety of scholarly and popular journals on topics relating to persuasion. He has given radio interviews on the subject, and has received print and TV advertising awards.

Kelton partners with Amy to provide influence training workshops, and message testing through our Crossfire Research methodology. He has also partnered with Amy on proprietary TSG research projects on what causes legislators to change their minds, and upcoming research on who legislative trust factors.

Using the latest peer-reviewed research on the science of human behavior, Amy and Kelton also audit written and electronic advocacy materials (Influence Quotient) to make your advocates more likely to respond to your requests for action.

Rhoads has taught communications, statistics, psychology, and English at the university level, and currently serves as an adjunct professor at U.S.C.’s Psychology Department and The Annenberg School for Communication. Rhoads completed his doctorate in Social Psychology at Arizona State University in 1998. Previously, he received a master’s degree in English from Loma Linda University, and obtained a baccalaureate degree in History from Pacific Union College.

Francine Wright

Client Services Coordinator

Francine has been with TSG in several roles since 2002, and specializes in maintaining TSG’s databases and client administrative duties. Francine has 25 years of experience in administrative and technical support in industries such as banking, construction and executive suites.

Francine attended the University of Cincinnati and Cincinnati State Community and Technical College majoring in computer repair/networking. She has also received certificates from Great Oaks Institute of Technology in Microsoft Office products and in medical terminology.

She resides in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband and three children. Fran enjoys spending her free time with her two grandkids.