Do You Have a Purposeful PAC?

Some organizations consider their PAC’s to be successful if people comply with a contribution request. Others value PAC persuasion — having PAC contributors who make the decision to join because they are convinced of the PAC’s value.
There are distinctions between persuasive PACs and “compliant” PACs. How does your PAC rate?

Take this quick assessment by indicating whether you do or do not practice the behaviors below.

1. We use more than three recruiting techniques.
2. We know, through formal research, the top three compelling messages that persuade our members/employees to contribute to the PAC.
3. We know the top three reasons why people do not give to the PAC.
4. At least 60% or more of our PAC recruitment takes place through peer-to-peer recruitment.
5. We recruit for the PAC all year, rather than during one annual campaign each year.
6. Our PAC Board represents all levels of employees/members
7. We adjust our PAC message by geographic region
8. We use no more than one patriotic quote in our PAC promotional materials, web site, etc.
9. We have written criteria for candidate contributions.
10. We have a recognition program for our top peer recruiters.
11. I have experienced a trend of employees/members approaching me for information on joining the PAC.

Add up your number of “yes” responses:
10 – 11 Congratulations! Continue to win the allegiance of your PAC eligibles.
8-9 Good work. You have several key ingredients in place. Focus on one element to raise your PAC fundraising bar.
6-7 Determine the impediments to your success and address the top two. If after several months you are still stuck, get outside help.
5 or less Get outside help and create a persuasive PAC!