Amyism #86

Consistency “Despite declarations to the contrary, no dramatic PAC or advocacy program transformation happens with one tactic.. When building an influential advocacy program or large PAC, there is no single event, no grand video, no solitary viral tweet, no...

Amyism # 52

Motivation “Before you can motivate others, you must be consumed with the cause yourself. Before you can move them to action, you must be inspired. to convicnec them, you’ve got to believe.”

Amyism #8

Grassroots Culture “Show me the pictures in your department’s offices and I will tell you whether you truly have a grassroots culture.”

Amyism #62

Grassroots Tactics “You can have the best advocacy plan for your grassroots volunteers, but if they aren’t persuaded that they need to get off their computers and in front of their legislators, it doesn’t matter. Do your volunteers know why...

Amyism #76

Grassroots Leadership “The mediocre grassroots leader commands. The superior one demonstrates. The great one inspires.”

Amyism #58

Social Media vs. Social Capitol “Despite the fascination with social networks, they arent a secret grassroots weapon. The groups that have social capital among their members will have the edge. That was the case prior to onine networks, and its true today. In a...