Amyism #86

Consistency “Despite declarations to the contrary, no dramatic PAC or advocacy program transformation happens with one tactic.. When building an influential advocacy program or large PAC, there is no single event, no grand video, no solitary viral tweet, no...

Amyism #4

Grassroots Results “If you want to have something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”

Amyism #36

Government Relations Value “When you relentlessly tout only what your new technology does instead of your insights and strategies, you instantly and unwittingly devalue your contributions to your organization.”

Amyism #63

PAC Objections “There are no new PAC objections known to mankind. the crime is not in the objection, but in us not being prepared to rebut them.”

Amyism #49

Grassroots Effectiveness “When you meet with your legislators, do they congratulate you for your grassroots prowess, or do they admonish you to develop your grassroots prowess? Listen to what they save, as well as what they say don’t say to determine your...

Amyism #15

Grassroots Members as Customers “Please stop referring to your employees and association members in combative terms such as “targets” or “segments”. How about simply customers?”