Amyism #49

Grassroots Effectiveness “When you meet with your legislators, do they congratulate you for your grassroots prowess, or do they admonish you to develop your grassroots prowess? Listen to what they save, as well as what they say don’t say to determine your...

Amyism #15

Grassroots Members as Customers “Please stop referring to your employees and association members in combative terms such as “targets” or “segments”. How about simply customers?”

Amyism #21

Volunteer Recognition “Who y ou spend time with speaks volumes about who you value. Show me a grassroots or PAC leader who slights his volunteers in publis and I’ll start drawing white chalk lnes around that program.”

Amyism #59

Astroturf Lobbying “When you can’t convince your own stakeholders to support your issues, and you have to pay someone else to gin up grassroots support, wouldn’t that be one of many red flags about your message, messenger, or...

Amyism #30

Grassroots Volunteer Satisfaction “One of the keys to keeping good volunteers is to improve your services for those who are using them, instead of worrying about who isn’t using them. find out what makes your active participants stay with your program and...